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11. Posted by Roadcrew (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!


I just got back from Baja last week and loved it. Even went to Tijuana for a couple of days without a hitch. I am not sure why the press plays up things in TJ but I have found the whole of Baja to be friendly and safe. When we got stuck in the sand on this past trip within 3 minutes someone arrived to help pull us out. They wouldn't accept any money for helping. They were great. Since the last time there I am hooked and would recommend it since it is so easy to get to from California.;)

12. Posted by blueyankee (Budding Member 12 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

[b]Sorry to be so blunt. There is nothing safe about Mexico,whether you travel any of the directions.There will never be
a safe place in any border crossing,in or out of the United States. Unless anyone has not heard,there is a war with the
Drug Lords ,and Illegals entering the country.(Seemingly,if the the Armed Forces personell are warned against going into
Mexico,I doubt very much that for civilians it would be any safer. You have to be aware that most of the South American
Countries,are very unstable,and very poor.You do not just,Say Hey,lets go to Mexico.You may be lucky,but when a Southern
Arizona Indian Reservation escorts their own tribe back to the states for their safety,and they are only less than fifty miles
into Mexico,and others are being shot and held hostage by the Drug Cartels. The Border Patrols catch the criminals everyd
ay and also get shot and killed. Whoever can believe another person who says any part of Mexico is save,has to be not
fully knowledge able of the true circumstances,of the robberies and assults on foreigners and tourist.
Check with your Border Patrol and ask them.,what you can expect. Mexico is easy to get into.Hard to get out if anything
goes wrong. Trust Me. Mexico is not Crime Free anywhere.

13. Posted by Roadcrew (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Trouble can be found anywhere. Mexico and the United States are no different. The vast majority of Mexicans are some of the friendliest people I have encountered in North America. However, if your involved in the drug trade you can probably expect to meet some of the more unpleasant ones. From a tourist perspective Mexico, on average, is a safe place to enjoy. I believe the Global Peace Index for Mexico is 79 which is a safer rating than the United States. Probably areas like Baja would be even safer while certain sections of Chiapas and Mexico City would be lower. I've been to TJ twice since my last post and have enjoyed it immensely. It's a little out of the way from where I live but has become worth the trip for me.

The Armed Forces have always had orders not to go to Mexico. This was even true 20 yrs ago. Not because of safety, but because in some instances military personnel would cross the border, get drunk and were not able to be reached or couldn't get back in time in case of an emergency deployment. Granted, I live near the border, go to Mexico frequently and have friends who work for the Border Patrol so I am a little biased, but I am also a little knowledgeable. In fact, this past year I was fortunate to vacation and enjoy the holidays in Mexico with some of my friends who happen to work for the Border Patrol on two different occasions. Yes, they do catch dangerous people all the time. Just as Police probably do in any city or town in America. That is their job. They still chose to vacation and enjoy Thanksgiving in Mexico last year. From my experiences going to Mexico I have found the vast majority of Mexico to be quiet and peaceful.

It is unfortunate that Hollywood, the Press and some less than noble acts by an extreme minority of people in Mexico have caused a stereotype and fear of travel to Mexico that has been perpetuated. :)

14. Posted by YucToday (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

The state of Yucatan is known for its low crime and general friendliness - and not just in the tourist areas. We do have an excellent article from the US Consulate discussing safety tips and what the Consul can do to be of assistance should you run into problems. -snip-

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15. Posted by JoyC (Full Member 99 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I have heard of a lot of problems in Baja - drug cartel wars - where gringos are getting caught in the crossfire. I would listen to the State Department warnings regarding Baja. That being said... overall, travel in Mexico is no more dangerous than travel in the U.S.

I would recommend heading to Sonora instead of Baja. I've travelled throughout that state with absolutely no problems. Magdalena, Hermosillo, and Bahia Kino are not to be missed! Nogales is somewhat interesting, but it's a typical border town (tourist trap).
Have a great trip!

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