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I'm a girl from Norway hwo plans a trip to Thailand in December.. I'm going alone, and have never done this before.

Taking all tips I can cet! About anything! :)

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Im planning going to Oz via Thailand on my own around April 2009.

Ive been looking around the net, and ive come across Thai Intro, which is by the Oz Intro guys. I think it looks good plus it interests me as it takes out the whole 'being on your own' thing

Just an idea


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Kind of hard to give tips when you're that unspecific. : )

The south is unstable, and its not recommended going there unless you have to. I have met many people who have travelled there without problems however. And stay away from mekong buckets, they leave you without your belongings and no memory of a night in thailand.

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Can't say exactly what it's like as a female alone since I am a guy, but traveling alone in general is rarely a problem in Thailand for anyone. Its a very easy place to travel and to meet other people. Really, unless you are socially inapt, you will never be alone for very long. In my opinion there is no need to take any sort of tour. Just go and you'll be fine. I've met countless women traveling solo who have little problems.
A good way to meet people in thailand is to take short day tours. From Bangkok you can do things like take a tour to Kanchanaburi, the floating markets, etc.. In Chaing Mai treking tours and cooking classes are popular. In all of these you'll be stuck with lots of other foreigners who will be eager to meet people. Also, while many people like to argue the whole "it separates you from the real Thailand" thing when talking about tourist buses, I think they are perfect for the solo traveler. I don't think I've ever taken a bus in Thailand without starting up a conversation with a fellow traveler who I eventually went to dinner and a beer with, or banned together to find accommodations with or whatever. Great way to meet people.

As for the last comment that the South is unstable and unsafe, I would like to clear it up that this does not mean the heavily touristed islands and beach destinations. They are as safe as any other destination in Thailand. Indeed there are areas along the border with Malaysia that sees its share of political instability, including unfortunate amounts of violence, but these are areas tourists rarely have much of a reason to visit. If you want to head that way to cross into Malaysia it is still generally safe (and done regularly by tourists), but do some research on current events and find out what places you need to avoid and which are the safest routes to take.

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Oh man just go (you will love it) i met loads of women traveling alone in Thailand . You will met loads of people in the same boat , i had the same worries before i went last year but had an amazing time , and glad i did it by myself , i dont think i will ever travel with another person from home after last years experience . Am off to Vietnam , Laos , and the Philippines in about 3 weeks (alone) and am not worried now about meeting people because it will just naturally happen unless you lock yourself away from the whole country . Just take precautions like you would do anywhere and pick your friends like you would at home (if you dont feel comfortable around somone then forget them) you will have plenty to choose from really. As for the south you will be ok on the islands i think the unsettled parts are near the malasian border , if your on the beaten track you wont be any where near them areas .Thailand is lots of fun and really easy to travel , you will find it hard to get lost .. Just go and dont worry you will love it .

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Quoting Martha89

I'm a girl from Norway hwo plans a trip to Thailand in December.. I'm going alone, and have never done this before.

Taking all tips I can cet! About anything! :)

Lots of women travel to Thailand and have a good time there. You shouldn't have any problems, like the previous posts mentioned there are some political problems close to Malaysia but Phuket and the nearby tourist attractions should be okay.

When you plan our trip stay in Bangkok a few days at the beginning of your trip and at least one final night before you leave for home. This way you will give you a chance to see the city and become adjusted to the heat and time differences. Too many tourists fly into Suvarnabhumi airport and immediately fly out to some other city. A final night in Bangkok will give you an opportunity for some last minute souvenir shopping and you won't have to worry about a connecting flight breaking down or being late and you miss your plane home. Keep in mind that there are two airports on different sides of the city and both have local flights within Thailand. Make sure you know which airport your local flights leave from. (Don Muang is DMK and Suvarnabhumi is BKK.)

Bangkok is a easy city to get around in. Air conditioned meter taxi cabs are pretty cheap - providing you insist on paying the meter charge and not bargain the ride! Tuk-tuks are more expensive than meter taxi cabs if you are not Thai. Transportation between the different regions and cities is efficient and not expensive. You can use long distance buses or trains to many areas. When you take a taxi in Bangkok make sure you have some small bills for paying for the meter fare or the driver will claim to not have any change - dumb tourists still fall for that and tell the guy to "keep the change!"

In Bangkok get a hotel near the Skytrain. The Skytrain is an elevated train service that is pretty good, it goes to many popular tourist areas in town. December is high season for hotel prices, especially close to Christmas and New Years Eve. Lots of tourists during this time. If you need recommendations for hotels make sure you mention how much you want to pay, don't say - cheap, economy, middle range, etc. State a U.S. dollar or Thai baht figure and it will be easier to recommend a place for you.

Women seem to like the Chiang Mai area a lot. From Bangkok you can even take an overnight sleeper train to Chiang Mai (saving paying for another room in Bangkok) and arrive in Chiang Mai early in the morning.

In Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai you can find tours real easy - just locate the nearest travel agency to your hotel. Travel agents handle the booking of tours, don't worry - there are lots and lots of travel agents! Some hotels have tour desks too, usually more expensive than a travel agency and the same company may pick you up. On long distance tours take some toilet paper and hand cleaning wipes because some places may not have any available.

Safety wise, Thailand is pretty good but be wary of "over friendly" people that you meet, if they are too friendly they may want something from you. Use the security box in your hotel for your valuables. Also, there are men who make their living off of lonely female tourists - be careful! Keep in touch with your friends and family by email and tell them who you are with and where you are going! Lots of cheap internet shops all over Thailand, you don't have to lug a laptop with you everywhere. Besides, not too many security boxes are large enough to hold a laptop. Google up "scams in Bangkok" for some local info.

Good luck.

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Definitely a good thing to go on ur own!! I'm doin thai intro on 24th Jan09, if anyone else is then get in touch

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Hope you had a great trip!! Hope you carry on with your travelling!!


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