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I'm on Depression medication. I'm planning RTW, could I still do it? You might be ok in Western countries, but what about Asia or something? Could you see a Doctor there? I'm Irish, does anyone know?

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have you tried to contact IAMAT, they used to have a world directory of english speaking doctors who knews western practices.......

I think you should be fine, it may be easier to see doctors in larger cities but if you check to see if there is a directory then you should be fine.

I don't think you should let being on medication hold you back from the trip of a lifetime

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Hey Marcus!

I agree with Rraven, contact IAMAT for possible physicians. Depending on how long you plan to be traveling, I recommend taking a 3 month supply of your medication with you. As you stated, you'll be able to refill your prescription in the European countries. I'd work with that scenario and save the meds for S.E. Asia if you will be in more rural areas. Depending on your particular medication, I doubt you will run into problems with refills in larger metropolitan areas.

I do recommend getting a letter of health from your physician stating that you are taking particular medication(s). Ask for (at least) one written prescription to carry with you in case of loss or theft of your prescription bottle. I would ask for 2 copies and ask that they be dated for one full year. (Here in the States, prescriptions are usually good for 12 months unless it is a class C medication. Class C = controlled meds such as barbiturates, etc.) If you need to refill using your written prescription, be sure to ask that it be returned to you and give a simple explanation of why - you are traveling RTW.

When traveling with medication, always have paperwork to back it up but never let it stop your from doing what you want to do. It will take a bit more planning and preparation than someone not on meds, but it shouldn't stop you. Having the letter of health from you doctor can come in handy if some official questions your meds. Be sure the Doc has it written on letterhead with an address and phone # for his clinic/hospital. Simple things like that can be a life-saver.

(Sorry for not answering a bit sooner - been on holiday myself - with my meds.)