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My name is Leigh and I am a 21 year old student who will graduate from the University of Georgia in December. I spent last summer studying abroad in Innsbruck, Austria and travelled to Germany, Italy, Czech Rep., Amsterdam. I haven't really been happy ever since I got back to the United States. I cannot decide if I should go backpacking around Europe for 6 weeks next spring or if I should try to work abroad in London starting in January or February. I think I would rather just backpack and not work, but I don't want to travel when it is cold and not be able to take advantage of beaches, etc. I plan to start graduate school in the US next June, so I would have to be back by June. So I guess my questions are: When does it warm up in Europe?, Should I travel or get a job? (what kind of jobs are available to 21 yr old females who only speak english??), and What should I do with 6 weeks in Europe backpacking? Any help or advice greatly appreciated.....

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well i will be in europe for 2 months next year in april and may!

there will be heaps to do, we will be cramming heaps of fun stuff into each day! If you want to work in England, there are heaps of jobs for travellers, like in pubs and stuff like that!

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Hi llynott...

I am from Portugal, and since you want to enjoy beaches and summer stuff, the best place where you can be is in Portugal, after end of April until end of june its really warm. In fact If you are visiting Europe and you miss the Algarve, in Portugal, you miss one of the most beautifull places in Europe.


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Lots of opportunities in London for temporary Office/Admin work, pays quite well and is easy work. The only thing is that staying in London is expensive but the longest you will be without work is 2-3 weeks (probably less for jobs like this) so make sure that you have about £500 for your first months rent (itll be closer to £400 that you will need but 'safe not sorry' is the tagline for something like this and if you are signing a 6-month lease to rent a room, you will have to leave a deposit which normally equates to a months rent, this will be given back to you when your lease is over unless youve put a wrecking ball through the wall or something). Have a look in before you go for rent prices and areas. You will earn about £300 per week in an office temp job, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your working holiday in London for a few months and also save for a few weeks European travel (where everything is generally cheaper).

You'll adore London, enjoy it and dont be scared to email if you get stuck.