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1. Posted by leong1 (Full Member 89 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

On my way to Oz im taking a stop over in HK. Im there for 4 days and was intrested in using the airport express train and MTR to get to where im staying on Nathan road. I know that this prob isn't the quickest way but i enjoy seeing using the local metro service for cities i visit. I also intend to use it to get around HK abit to go see stuff.

My question is: can i get a pass that will cover me for 4 days of MTR use and the airport express on the way to and from where im staying ??

I had a look on the website and it looked like the normal pass only let you have 3 days of travel.

Thanks to anyone that can shead any light onto this for me !

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are you going to search for a pass allowing you to take the train and MTR??
um... to make it simple, i think u can buy a card called "Octupus card", and the initial cost is about HK$150-200 which has hk$100 deposit. so that you can bring this card for nearly all transportation in hk, like train, MTR, tram, ferry and bus, but not taxi!!! by the way, the card doesnt have any fixed time duartion, and you can simply return to mtr station and get back the remaining money, which stored in the card, when you leave hk. you can also reload you card through customer service in mtr station, or any convenient store. here's the related website, you may want to have a look as well ^^ http://www.octopuscards.com/enindex.jsp

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Airport express is expensive(100$). Take an Airbus from the ground transportation center at the airport. Doubles travel time but halves cost(40$). Moreover you can enjoy sights of the city. MTR day passes are not cheaper proposition unless you travel extensively to Lantau and New Territories. Nathan Road is a central place. You need not travel too far too often. Octopus card is a very good travel accessory in Hong Kong.

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When you say it doubles the journey time exactly how long are you talking about? 30mins? 5 hours??

I'm going to be in HK soon so would love some details!


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HK airport to Nathan Road is quite a long way. I took the airport express and MTR as although it is expensive it is a lot quicker. It took about 30 mins I think on the express and it goes very fast, so I imagine a bus would take at least an hour. The MTR though once you are in Mongkok is great, its very quick and very cheap.

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I think im going to take the MTR for sure, Im right to think that you just walk from "hong kong" MTR Station ( where the airport express drops you off ) to go to Central where the Tsuen Wan line starts ?

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Yes you do just walk through the station. They are linked.