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Quoting The Star Online

Friday April 25, 2008

China imposes new visa rules


KUALA LUMPUR: The Chinese Government has imposed more stringent requirements for visa application because of the Beijing Olympics.

Chinese Embassy counsellor Shen Yong Xian confirmed that stricter rules had been implemented temporarily until the end of the Games in August.

Both business travellers and tourists to China are required to submit their confirmed flight itinerary and hotel reservation.

Those on business trips must also submit invitations from the Foreign Economic Relation and Trade Commission in China.

A company letter stating the applicant's particulars, purpose and duration of visit is also needed, together with an undertaking that the firm is responsible for the traveller while in China.

Other documents needed for the visa application are the passport, valid for at least six months and with sufficient pages, a recent passport size photograph and the completed application form.

According to a circular sent to travel agents, travellers who were to enter China twice (like those who stop in the republic, then leave for a neighbouring country and come back into China) must submit a confirmed flight itinerary showing the two entry dates.

The original air ticket or a duplicate copy of e-ticket must show the second travel date for processing purposes.

“This is to ensure that we do not receive complaints from visitors that our hotels are full and our tourist destinations are too crowded.

“We also do not want to see people sleeping on the streets as there will be many people visiting China during the Olympic Games period,” Shen said here yesterday.

He added that it was best if visitors avoided the Olympics period.

However, he said there were no limitations on the number of days a visitor could spend in the country.

In Singapore, the Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that Singaporeans travelling to China from July 1 would need a visa.

Local travel agents confirmed that they had reduced the number of China tours due to the new rules.

Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (Matta) president Ngiam Foon said the requirement did not affect business here as only business travellers and those who wanted to watch the Beijing Olympics were keen to visit China now.

“Other than that, most tourists preferred to defer their trips until after the Games,” he said.

Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association president Chay Ng said: “Some of the travel agents have stopped organising China tours for the time being for fear that it will be difficult to get visas right now.”


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you are right..but china has suffered a lot in the past by expats and changes come at right time before CHINA PAYING TAX IS their best rule and even poor chinese people pay tax.But,rich expats community who are on F visa can avoid it easily,as f visa of china means no earning and no hob in china.But,certainly more xpats are on f visa working illegaly and earning that is against the rule.So,f visa holders are on great looked by visa counsolate these days.Many foreigners come on L visa,can be changed into otehr forms of visa after coming here and many ends up in loking for jobs or converting their visa to f -eventually do osme unregistered business,i.e. no need to pay taxes.So,before ensuring l visa also chinese embassy will look carefully the papers and intensions of people who have applied that.
If you are coming to work legally in china with company assuring you job that have right to gire foriegner,you can be easily granted visas,for students too.
so,if you are legally coming with the purpose ,your visa is not a difficult task.
if you are coming to look for a job....many chinese looking for a job themselves,definetly government will tight the,job in companies that can hire foreigners only are welcome,not illegal here and there or part time jobs.
so,hope this will help you to get more knowledge.After olympics also,i do feel this sytem will remain to ensure all forigenrs work only on z visa and no one get away on tax by gaining f visa..this is the rule of china.if you are in is need to worry.

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Malaysian who wanted to apply for tourist visa to China please take note:

1) Get your Visa App form for PRChina Embassy in Jalan Ampang.
I have downloaded from PRChina Embassy in Malaysia Webpage, appearantly the officer do not accept my form.

2) Bank Statement - It is not stated in the webpage that you need to provide this document.

3) Due to Olympic, your visa will only valid for 15 days
I was ask to go home and come to apply later.

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china visa

the changes mean that all visa funnel through an agency: Chinese Visa Application service,(CVAS) however going direct through them can be costly. There are many agancies who offer chinese visa service, we selected
[snip] who for UK passport holders charge 50GBP including return post-- this competitive fee is only available for those who book their own online appointment with CVAS. You can post your application to them. After not all of us live in London.

Be aware that you will need proof of tickets out of the country and proof of accommodation.

Hope this helps.

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what is the rules after olympic???

I want to enter for 20 days

8. Posted by Hien (Travel Guru 3906 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Quoting catwong

what is the rules after olympic???

I want to enter for 20 days

It is expected to return to the normal rules when the Paralympics ends.

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The Paraolympics is ancient history... Is there an official update alraedy?

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Quoting Swept Away

The Paraolympics is ancient history... Is there an official update alraedy?

Apparently they've relaxed the restrictions for Malaysia since 8 September. I believe it's similar, if not the same , for other countries.