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I will be in Europe From mid May until June 27. The main portion of my time I want to spend driving in France, but I want to set aside a number of days to see some of Italy.

I am thinking in the order of 5 or 6 days in Italy, which I know is not much, but I am wondering if people have any advice on how to best use this time to see the most important monuments/scenery/points of interest???

Rome will be a must obviously and I would like to visit Pompeii. Outside of that I am quite open to ideas. I really don't care if I don't get much sleep or rest generally for this time(thats what France is for!)

I am arriving there from Paris, but at this stage I don't know if train or plane is my best bet. Once in Italy I have heard that because I'm only getting around for 5 days, buying point to point rail tickets when I am there is probably the most economical way to go.

Thanks for any help in advance!


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Assuming that you already have a program in France (if not, please give a sign)
I'll concentrate of getting to Itlay and make a tour there.
Do you know that has very cheap flights from
Paris Beauvais to Pisa?? At this very moment the fare is 0.00 (!!), including
taxes about 22 euro.

If you use this offer I suggest that you visit Pisa and from there Luca
the first day.
After that take a train to Rome and take 3 days for Rome, Napoli, Pompeii and
As you have very little time, use the fast train Roma - Napoli (2 hrs!) and
from Napoli use the linea Vesuvius to visit Pompeii and Sorrento.
In Pompeii (near the little station) I advice to sleep in
You can walk to the Pompeii site, 30 min to Sorrente (train) and 30
min to Napoli (bus or train).

If you want a better advice: increase your time in Italy!

Lots of succes!

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See Venice, if you can--although it is completely the other way.

Anywhere you go, though, I'm sure you'll enjoy!

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I tend to disagree with my colleagues. If you have just a short time in Italy don't spend it dashing about going from one place to the next. You end up spending a lot of your time and money on transport rather than seeing things of substance. I'd say pick one city and truly enjoy your time there, and ROME is quintessential Italy.

I will be blogging on EuroCheapo's blog next week about free things to do in Rome, and I have a book out about the city itself (A Journey into Michelangelo's Rome -- Angela K. Nickerson). Selfishly, I will recommend both.

But if I was in your situation I would fly to Rome, stay in a cheap pensione in the heart of the city, and do the following:

1. Vatican Museums -- includes the Sistine Chapel (you haven't lived until you have seen the Sistine Chapel)
2. St. Peter's Basilica (free)
3. Ostia Antica: just a 30 minute train ride out from Rome; cheaper than Pompeii and more fun in my book. Ostia was Rome's ancient port, and the city is remarkably well preserved. Take a picnic to eat in the amphitheater. And take some water, too. The city is huge, you can explore it all on your own, and it is 1 train stop from the ocean, too!
4. The Forum (free)
5. The Colosseum
Not free, but since you will only be there 5 days, here's a cheaper option: the Roma Pass or the Rome Archaeological Pass. Both are 20 euros. Roma Pass: good for 3 days, includes admission to the Colosseum (skip the lines) and the Palatine Hill plus a 3 day transit pass and discounted admission to other museums. Rome Archaeological Pass: good for 7 days; includes admission to more sites including the Colosseum and Palatine Hill; no transit pass, but a 7 day transit pass is only 11 euros.
6. The Galleria Borghese: you have to make reservations online in advance, but it is one of the best museums in Rome
7. The Capitoline Museum
8. The Pantheon
9. Trevi Fountain
10. the Spanish Steps

Depending on how much wine you drink and how much time you spend enjoying the piazzas... well, that could all take 3 days or 3 weeks.

Angela Nickerson

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thanks for that info everyone...very helpful.

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Just to add. I have managed to get cheap accommodation in Rome at the Hilton (airport) for 28 Euro per night. ( I work for a Hilton company)

If I am prepared to wake up early each morning is it feasible to commute from Rome to Pompeii for one day, and for the other days take trips elsewhere from that hotel base in Rome? I am guessing that getting trains from the Fiumicino area should be a fairly inexpensive and simple exercise, but again, any advice is welcomed!


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Yes, it is theoretically possible to do this.

But I don't recommend it. Rome to Pompeii for example is approx. 3 hours with the Eurostar, Rome to Florence is 2hrs also with the Eurostar. Looks good, but: Eurostar is relatively expensive. Plus you need a reservation, so if you miss your Eurostar train you have to rebook or take the Regional train. Regional train to Florence is 4 hours! Also the airport is not exactly very central. If you are willing to lower your standards it is not impossible for you to spend roughly the same amount of money on accomodation per night, but without the commute and extra cost of taking the train.

I would also fly from Paris to Italy. It might be possible to take the train to Rome, but who needs to spend 13+ hours and 200 USD on a night train when you can fly for 50 USD?

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Yeah actually having just looked at how cheap the B&b's and hostels are in the city centre, it makes no sense in staying at the airport. It's actually proving quite hard to find a cheap airfare from Paris to Rome(fiumicino) The cheapest was with Vueling for 110 Euro. I think I will be better off getting the cheapest flight I can, flying into Ciampino and staying in the city for a few nights. I will take Angela's advice on the Rome itinerary for many things (thanks for that) but I still want to do Pompeii as well, so I think I will go to Salerno for two nights after Rome, do Pompeii and see around there,before heading to Naples for my flight to Geneva where I collect my car!

Thanks again for all the help!