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we are going to kenya in a few weeks on our honeymoon. just a few questions is anyone can help.

1. what clothes should we take for our safari
2. are the plug points the same as the UK
3. should we take US Dollars or withdraw local currency from ATM when we arrive

thanks alot

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US Dollars, Pounds and EUR as well as credit cards as emergency cash. There is bound to be a couple of places where you can pay in USD or EUR only.

Royal Robbins has a special hot weather long-sleeved travel shirt that protects agains mosquitos and UV-rays.

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I´ve just returned from Kenya and would recommend you bring Euros or Sterling (preferably Euro, but the exchange rate against sterling isn´t great as you´re I´m sure aware).
There are ATM machines in the cities so you won´t have a problem there, and the safari companies etc all accept credit cards.

When you change money try and get lots of small bills and coins if you can (20, 50 and 100ksh notes) for tipping purposes, it´s no fun trying to tip a driver or doorman and discover you´ve just given them the equivalent of a weeks wages (fun for the recipient though I must admit).

As for clothing, shorts and light shirt for daytime and trousers with long sleeve shirt for evenings (a must against the mossies you´ll encounter in some places, not in Nairobi). A fleece jacket is a great thing to have as the nights and early mornings can get quite chilly. Don´t forget a hat, I was in Tsavo in April and it hit 47 degrees, 10 minutes of that without proper head gear and.... well you can guess the rest. Last things are good walking shoes, sandals and a fold up rain jacket, just in case. I bought a photographer´s type sleeveless jacket, trying to be very Ernest Hemmingway and discovered it was the best thing I´ve ever worn in Africa. So many pockets means you don´t have to rely on the giveaway tourist backpack, if you decide to get one insist on one with zip up inside pockets where you can stash passports, cards and extra cash.

Have a fantastic time, as I did, and say hello to the wonderful people for me.


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Oooops, forgot to mention...
Yes, you will need to buy an internation travel adaptor for any electrical appliances you bring. Although in the swisher hotels you won´t need it, once you get into the bush you´ll find a use for them.


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Most plugs in Kenya are like the UK ones - the 3 pin rectangular blade ones.... :)

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I live as an expat in central africa and can tell you a few pointers on clothes for guys.

Pants that convert to shorts are fantastic! Find something made of a light quick drying material, these can also double as swimming shorts

I really prefer lightweight button up shirts vs tshirts. The cotton in tshirts is too heavy and having a button up shirt with long sleeves that can roll up allows you more possibilities and more space in your luggage for souvenirs!

I never wear socks in africa, i've done some light trekking in them (maybe not the smartest but i don't like shoes). Sandals are all i wear

Right now i'm on a 5 week assignment in Nigeria and I brought with me. 4 pairs of boxers, 2 pairs of convertible pants/shorts, a nice pair of jeans. 3 t-shirts and 3 button up shirts and one pair of sandals (as i mentioned i never wear shoes or socks)..... thats all. No need to overpack cause you're gonna have to carry it all!

A headlamp is almost always going to be used. Its better than a flashlight because it leaves your hands free.

Don't let the fear of mosquitoes totally ruin your vacation. Take your meds, cover your skin in the evenings and early mornings, use a bed mosquito net and relax. Not every mosquito carries malaria its only the female species of a particular mosquito and they are not the majority.

enjoy Kenya!