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Hi everyone,

I am seriously looking to plan a round the world trip to leave in around 12 months time. It's something I have spent so much time thinking about that i've realised I should just stop thinking and start doing!... Just don't know where to start?!... I've looked at some great resources on the web but what i'd really love is some advice from people with experience regarding where to start?... What would be a realistic estimate of how much money is required for say, 6 or 12 mths travel?... At the moment I would be travelling alone, i'm a bit apprehensive about this - is it really ok to do?... What would be a sensible route for a first time traveller to get the most for your money? (ideally, i'd like to see as much of the world as possible but i know I have to be realistic too!)... I would be so greatful for any advice or reassurance anyone has to offer, also any other good websites you can recommend?

Thanks... Neil.

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Hi Neil and welcome to the site :)

I haven't done the round the world trip thing (yet), but I know of at least one really
good resource full of information, if you hadn't already seen it:

I would assume to save costs destinations in South America, Asia, Eastern Europe
would be good choices, due to a much lower cost of living. 12 months in Western
Europe would cost an absolute fortune. If you have anyone that you can stay with at
all in a different country, it is of course a really good way to save money, but I'm sure
you already figured that one out.

Oh, there's another site you may be interested in if you want to try scumming some
accommodation off people: As long as you're prepared to let
people visit you when you're back home, this could potentially work out pretty nicely.

Once you have a few countries or regions sorted, be sure to ask our travel helpers
questions as well (under travel help).

As far as travelling alone - my feeling is that you will inevitably end up hooking up
with people along the way and won't feel too lonely. Check in the travel companions
forum if you want to find someone to travel with.


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Hey Neil and welcome!

As you are from the UK, you are probably considering adding Australia to your list of destinations. Although it isn't the cheapest place in the world, it is good value for money if you start off in pounds. It also has the benefit of allowing you to work while travelling around it. Ok, so they won't be the best jobs, but you will have a ripper of a time!!! If you do really decide to up and go, be sure to let us know. Always good to keep in touch with travelling members all around the world!


Sam I Am

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Hi Neil

I started off on a rtw trip in January this year, I'm back in the uk now, but it was the best thing ever, and I'd go back tomorrow!

One place that's pretty good for planning a trip is , but I didn't book my flights through them, as I got a better deal at trailfinders.

I started in Singapore, then Thailand (treking in the North, Chang Mai is fab), Australia (fantastic, loved it), New Zealand (beautiful, loved it, but cold!), Fiji (not the paradise I'd expected but people were great) and LA (celebville, not really my thing).....I did start off with a couple more places on my itinerary (Raratonga and Tahiti), but dropped them as my plans changed on the way always worth checking out what charges you'll get for that.

You'll be fine travelling alone, I started with a friend who decided she wanted to come along, but we went our seperate ways from Sydney and we both met far more people on our own, and I'm still in contact with some of them now.

One last thing, make sure you take out a decent insurance, I was fine luckily, but my friend ended up breaking her fingers in Cairns (watch out for ceiling fans), and in a boat accident in Raratonga and had to be flown home business class, so not worth taking a risk!

Have a great time!


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Thank to everyone for your replies...

Cheers for the links Peter, especially the first one, it had some excellent info!

I've been looking at so much information and i'm staring to get a pretty good idea of whats involved in a RTW trip. One thing I have found is that after listing places to visit the list is as long as my arm! Would you think it better to focus on fewer places (staying for a longer time in each) or to try and see more places (short stays, overland travel etc)? It certainly seems to make sense to try and include more places with a lower cost of living to make the money go further and the trip last longer! I think i'm probably going to have to see how much money I can raise and then look at planning a sensible route for my budget once I decide to go. At least starting to think about things now has given me a great insight into what is required... thanks again for your advice.


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I am also planning a RTW trip and I'd like to do it on the surface. It's Not as bad as it sounds, really! I've done several trips this way and it works out well. You see MUCH more of the actual countries, not just big city to big city.

Do you have a date in mind? I'm looking at Nov-Dec as a start date.