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1. Posted by ashschu (Budding Member 17 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I'm just about ready to book my flights and some hostels, and figured all the good travelers here would have a good say in wether or not my Scotland itinerary looks good.

The Plan:
Day 1 - Landing in Glasgow 8 am. Day in Glasgow
Day 2 - Leave Glasgow around midday - early afternoon for Edinburgh. Rest of day in Edinburgh
Day 3 - Edinburgh
Day 4 - Edinburgh
Day 5 - Leave Edinburgh for Inverness around mid morning. Arrive early evening in Inverness (Possibly leave earlier to have more day in Inverness)
Day 6 - Inverness/Loch Ness
Day 7 - Leave Inverness for Isle of Skye early to mid morning. Rest of day Isle of Skye (or leave Inverness later if more time needed in Inverness)
Day 8 - Isle of Skye
Day 9 - Leave Isle of Skye early evening. Arrive Glasgow late night.
Day 10 - Glasgow. Fly out late evening (10 pmish)

The main question I have is - will I need two days in Glasgow?? Keeping in mind that I am going to try and keep my museums and art galleries to a minimum. I would rather take advantage of city sightseeing, walks, browsing the local shops and areas, churches, graveyards etc and only paying for entrance into Castles etc. Maybe I just need to do a bit more research, but Glasgow looks much more like a city where I would be spending my wandering hours inside a museum or show or something of that sort. If I need the time elsewhere I can always come back to Glasgow on the day of my flight as I am planning a flight that leaves quite late.

If one night in Glasgow will be good enough, where should I add that extra night??

I am planning on the dates being Sept 1 - Sept 10 or Sept 15 - Sept 23. Would either of these be about the same in terms of weather? I am from the West Coast of Canada so I am certainly not afraid of some rain. But with that being said obviously the better the weather the nicer the trip. I am leaning towards the earlier dates as I'm hoping the Summer might drag on a bit!! h ahah

Any suggestions on how you would do it? Also, I am planning on flying with RyanAir as it is so darn cheap, even though I know I will be paying a little more to get in to the city from the airport they use. Any personal reviews on them?

Thanks guys. Starting to get excited and scared as I only have about 2 more months before I leave!

  • edit to add* Also, if anyone has any recommendations for Hostels in Glasgow it would be greatly appreciated. I can't seem to find any that seem suitable besides the Euro Hostel, and I would love to try and have a couple options.

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Hi there.. what a trip, sounds great! I'm a scottish girl living in NZ at the mo so would love to give you some ideas. Firstly how are you planning on getting around?! Will you have a hire car or will you be using public transport?

Your itinerary looks great, the only think I would perhaps change would be the day or so between Inverness and Skye. Skye is a gorgeous island but for all you would see in one day i would suggest perhaps missing it out and heading to Plockton just on the mainland and then maytbe Fort William and Glen Coe, wicked scenery and outdoor activities if you're into that kind of thing.

All depends on what your transport options are though. The other thing you could consider would be to join a Haggis or MacBackpackers Tour from Edinburgh to see the HIghland highlights.

If you have any other questions feel free to message me!


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Are you keeping museums and art galleries to a minimum due to the entrance fees? If so, you should know that most museums and art galleries are free in Scotland and the rest of the UK. As for Glasgow, you're correct in that it isn't a city for conventional sightseeing. The attractions of Glasgow are primarily museums, art galleries and nightlife (lots of good restaurants, lots of pubs, lots of clubs, lots of live bands). If you're not particularly into those things then it would make sense to spend your time somewhere else, though there's some nice countryside and attractions in other cities which are easily reachable from Glasgow.

My advice for the extra night would be to spend as much of your time up north as possible. The best attractions of Scotland to me are the highland scenery and the islands. Skye is the most famous, but you can buy a pass which lets you "island hop" to a variety of western islands - Islay (best place for whisky) and Staffa (geological phenomenon something similar to the Giant's Causeway in Ireland) for instance. Alternatively, you could stay at somewhere midway between Inverness and Edinburgh like Glencoe which is one of the best spots for Highland scenery and has a hostel in the village - link

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Hi Ash

yeah would definitely only spend one day in glasgow, and would recommend the suggestions of fort william and glencoe along with loch lomond, unless your gonna hire a car I would miss out isle of skye but only as you on limited time. If you are going to hire a car then i would suggest going from glasgow up thru loch lomond, glencoe,fort william,inverness,down through fife,edinburgh. I put edinburgh at end as its only approx hour from glasgow so you could spend day there on last day.

Ryan air are fine, no frills but like you said cheap, Ive used them lots on short haul to europe.
As for if weather will be better beginning or mid sept best to just flip a coin, but generally i would say beginning, if weather goes to norm it should be good for hiking and sightseeing.

hope it helps and you have a good time, any other questions just ask

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Where are you flying with Ryanair? There are no flights in Scotland.

that said, skip Glasgow unless you want Museums. BlankFrack is right. And as for Skye, for just one day and a half its not worth it. Id really consider dropping it and seeing more of the highlands. I did this same route and spent al day just getting to Uig, then had to leave the day after. Perhaps 3 days in Edinburgh is much as well. So if your keen on Skye then limit the days in Glasgow And Edinburgh.

6. Posted by ashschu (Budding Member 17 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Alright, thanks so much everyone for your tips and input.

I think I am going to take Fee's suggestion of joining a tour. I know this is not always the most favoured option.....but I just think considering this is my first time traveling on my own I wouldn't mind joining a group for a few days. Plus this way I get a taste for a few places in the Highlands and I'll know what I want to come back and see again. I am planning on living in England for a while so I know coming back to Scotland will be no problem, if I want to I will make it happen. Also, I will be doing Edinburgh on my own so I will get a feel for doing it on my own, as well as with a group.

Sooooo, my new plans look like this. I've shortened it up a bit as the tour is a bit more expensive than what I was planning with solo travel.

Thu Sept 4 - Fly to Glasgow Prestwick early morning. Train to Edinburgh Waverly getting in before noon. See Edinburgh for rest of day
Fri Sept 5 - Edinburgh
Sat Sep 6 - Leave on Haggis tour early morning
Sun Sep 7 - Haggis
Mon Sep 8 - Haggis
Tue Sep 9 - Haggis
Wed Sep 10 - Haggis. Arrive back in Edinburgh early evening. Spend night in Edinburgh
Thu Sep 11 - Either spend day in Edinburgh and catch train to Glasgow Prestwick around 4pm for flight home --- OR --- leave Edinburgh early morning and spend day in Glasgow before catching flight.

The Haggis tour hits pretty much all of the places I was hoping to go, and a few I didn't think I could make due to the fact that I wasn't planning on renting a car or anything.

So that's it folks. I am going to sit on it for a few more days and make sure I am happy with it, but I think this is the way it will be.

Coldwarspy - I am planning on flying with RyanAir from Bournemouth to Glasgow Prestwick. I would have had to wait until the end of Sep if I wanted to fly into Edinburgh on this route as the flights are not available. I hope there are indeed flights with RyanAir into Scotland other wise I am going to be in big trouble booking this route!!