China (Shanghai & Beijing) in June for 2.5 wks. How much $$?

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I am heading to China with my school for 2.5 weeks from 29 May until 15 June for a study abroad programme. We will spend half the time in Shanghai and then take a train to Beijing for the second half of the trip. The Chinese government gave a grant to my university which will cover all of our lodging, food, museum entries, and local transportation in China. However, we need to bring our own spending money (obviously! LOL). I was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas of about how much ($USD) I should bring with me for this amount of time. I went to Thailand last year on holiday and spent about $400 in a week but that included food, taxis, shopping (i bought 2 small pieces of gold jewellery as well as souvenirs), sightseeing, etc. (lodging was separate). I was wondering if I could get by on about $400 for 2.5 weeks in China seeing that it will mostly only be used on souvenirs and maybe a little food (since I'm sure I will get sick of eating EVERY meal at Renmin Uni. HEHE). I don't plan on buying an excessive amount of things however I would like 1 or 2 really nice souvenirs for myself and maybe some misc. small things to bring back for family and friends. Is this too little of an amount of money to bring? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch.


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If your willing to eat local and take public transport you can save a lot of money China. Taxi's add up, especially in Shanghai and Beijing. Also western food and bars geared towards foreigners can get expensive fast. When i was living in China i budgeted 40-50 RMB a day for daily expenses, some days were cheaper and those days cancelled out the more expensive days. Then i budgeted an additional 200 RMB a weekend for going out (which does not go far at an expensive night club).

When it comes to nice gifts and stuff that is completely up to you. I would just make a budget for how much your willing to spend on a jade necklace before you go.

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Thanks for your input. I don't plan on eating too much Western food...actually most of my meals are included and provided by the universities we are staying at. Of course I will eat a little bit on my own but I don't expect to spend a lot on that. My money will mostly go towards buying souvenirs and such. And maybe one load of laundry since I don't want to have to travel with 2.5 weeks worth of outfits! HAHA. Thanks again. Anyone else who has input: it would be appreciated. XIE XIE


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First of all, I don't recommend that you take $400. in cash anywhere. Take a debit card against funds in your home bank and use the ATM's. I would say that you need at least that much in the bank and an additional cushion of another $400. just to be safe. Here's the current cost of living index: