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1. Posted by kiki85 (Budding Member 12 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

So here's the story... i'm planning a 2 month quick trip around South America in this order...
Chile-starting in Santiago and head north,
Peru-just to trek the Inca Trails for 4 days and Machu Picchu,
Brazil- Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo and the Iguazu Falls,
Argentina-Buenos Aires ,
and back to southern Chile and up to Santiago. I should mention that i'll be living in Chile for a while, I have family there so that's why i'm going back to Chile.

I know that sounds like a bit of a stretch but we're willing to do it even if it means being on a lot of busses and we know we might get really tried but we're up for it just to be able to check out all these great places.

SOOO.... i'm just having A LOT of trouble of finding a CHEAP way to go from Peru to Brazil!
here are my questions:

1) are there cheap flights out of Lima to Rio? (everything i've found is over $700 WAY to much!)
2) are there bus routes or trains in the direction towards Brazil?
3)does anyone have any suggestions on how to get to Rio from Lima the cheapest way possible?

Any other points would be great too!
Thanks A Lot guys!
K :)

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From your itinerary I understand you can also travel from Cuzco onwards to Brazil instead of going back to Lima right?

In that case travelling all the way overland can be done from Cuzco.
Cuzco-La Paz: not sure how long, but I guess 12 hours or so.
La Paz-Sucre: 9 or 10 hours
Sucre-Sant Cruz: don't know how long, probably travel during daytime is possible
Sant Cruz: death train (not that scarry as it may sound) to border with Brazil, around 24 hours.
Corumba to Campo Grande is around 6 hours and from there to Rio.

The thing is, it will take almost a week.
What you can do, is travel overland to La Paz and take a flight to Santa Cruz with Aerosur, TACA Peru or Lan Peru.
From Santa Cruz you can also fly to Puerto Suarez with Aerosur. Puerto Suarez is the border town with Brazil, so you can avoid taking the 24 hour trainride.
Or fly from Santa Cruz to Campo Grande with Brazilian GOL airlines.
Since the 20th of March Aerosur even has flights from Cusco to Santa Cruz. So your best bet will be looking at their website which flights suit you best.

There is also a route from Cusco east towards the jungle and on to the border of Brazil, but I have read that public transport is not always reliable, sometimes non existent and some parts may be cut off when it is rainy season. The route will finally bring you in Porto Velho in the southwest portion of the Brazilian Amazone.

Just a few possiblities, hope this can be at least of some help.

Good luck sorting things out!

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Hi K,

I think the easiest way (and fastest and prob cheaper!) would be the following:

Santiago up north (2options here, either cross atacama dessert into Bolivia with a tour that ends up in Uyuni and from there to lake titicaca into peru and cuzco, or cross to peru and then onto Arequipa and then Cuzco, depending on time and money!)

From Cuzco down to Lima (bus, or flight is about 70dollars)

Fly from Lima to BA with Gol airlines, they have daily flight I believe with a brief stop in Santiago, but the price is around 600reais wigh is way cheaper than you mentioned!!

From BA you could go to Iguazu by bus (very frequent and good service)

From Iguazu to Sao Paulo and then Rio (bus again)

From Rio down the brasilian coast into Uruguay and then from Montevideo or Colonia cross by boat back to BA and then south as you have planned

For me, that itinierary makes sense and the way I see it is the most economical and time efficient!

Good Luck!

x Miriamx

4. Posted by kiki85 (Budding Member 12 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys, thanks so much for the pointers!! They really made things a lot clearer and i realized the other ways around.

just have a couple question for Michael, or anyone else who can answer it.

Is there any way to get from La Paz to Santa Cruz? or do you have to go through Sucre?

Also, are these routes by plane or bus? and which way would be more convenient? price and time wise? would i be waiting all day for these flights?

Would Appreciate the Help and Advice
Thanks, Karen

5. Posted by bentivogli (Respected Member 2398 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Although you definitely shouldn't miss out on Sucre, La Paz - Santa Cruz can be done via Cochabamba; it takes time (I'd gues about 24 hours all in all), but it's a wonderful route, especially the 2nd leg. Flying is not recommended for the obvious reasons (environment; cost; lack of scenery and contact with the country you visit; limited amount of time saved).