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1. Posted by wemthaw (Budding Member 3 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hello there, me and a couple mates have decided to go around europe this summer at the end of july for 3-4 weeks but pretty unsure of the route to take. I saved about £1,100 and we're thinking of getting interrail tickets but i've heard they may not be the amazing deal they're made out to be.

Anyways, just wondering if anyone has any advice on the best route to take and how much money i'd be looking at spending budget wise.

Dadge, badge cookies and cream.

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L. :i1.100 and going abroad for 4 weeks.???

I suppose the best way is to hitchhike and beg for ur food.

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1100 GBP are roughly 1400 EUR. Since you need approx. 50 EUR per day your money should last for about 28 days. It is going to be real tight though and you absolutely have to watch what you buy. Best focus on Eastern Europe, ie Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc. because it is cheaper there.

You are right about that Interrail sucks now. If you buy the 2nd class youth full-month continous global pass you pay about 13 EUR per day. This means you need to take the train for about 2 hours each day to make it worth the cost.

The global pass is best value when you hop on a train in the evening and go to whereever the train stops in the morning, sleep on the train and spent the day sightseeing whereever you are. Very stressful to do. I did something similar once (7 day whirlwind trip through Iran bc I had only 7 day visa) and I do not recommend it at all.

With 28 days I would pick 1 or 2 countries that you really want to see and focus on these. Are you going for sun, beach, bikinis and booze? Or do you want city sightseeing?

What about taking a car and or camping gear, would this be possible for you?

4. Posted by wemthaw (Budding Member 3 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I'm looking more for places where i can have a good time with a little bit of sightseeing to keep me amused, but i suppose more sun, beach, bikinis and booze. Unfortunately i have a driving ban and my mates don't have licenses so hiring a car is out of the question.

What is camping like? i'm sceptical of enjoying lugging around all the equipment.

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Yes, lugging the camping equipment around can be a bit of a bother. But considering what amount of luggage some people drag around with them for their 1-week-trip to their relatives it is certainly do-able. You sound like your are young and strong, it should not be too much of a problem to carry backpacks that weigh around 16 kilograms from one camping site to the next. It won't be on your back all the time, only when you move. Plus if you are a group you can easily share. From a 4-people tent one could carry the outer tent, one the inner tent and another the poles and the fourth the cooking gear.

Of course if you got no camping gear at all and need to buy everything this sure puts a dampener on things. In this case it would be easier to stay at hostels.

Have you got an idea to which country you would like to go to?

Croatia has some great camping sites close to the beach, while Italy is great for camping without camping gear - at some camping sites you can stay in cabins or rent tents. Hungary might not be at the Med, but its got the Balaton lake and cheap flights from the UK even in the middle of summer. Spain would be better done with a package holiday, since their camping sites lack access and the pitches need to be rented by the week, not per day. Morocco is great, not so good for partying I'll admit, but the sights and the beach are worth it, plus it is cheap.

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What about accomadation?

I mean there are some pretty cheap hostels you can go to - but with £1,100 it's pretty tight.

If you're passing through Berlin for the night there's a hostel thats quite cheap
Its called the MEININGER City Hostel. It's really nice and cheap to stay for a night or two.

Good luck with planning your trip!