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Going to South America from approximately June 1 - August 15. Must meet friend in Buenos Aires the middle of July. For the first 4-6 weeks, I want to be in one place in some sort of intensive Spanish course. I was considering Venezuela or Colombia for that time, then taking a bus all the way down to BA to meet up with my friend - but I am really open to anywhere in South America.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where the best place would be take a course and also have good activities to do for the first part of my trip? Is it feasible to travel from Bogota or Caracas by bus to BA in a short period, or would this just be too tiring?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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My wife and I studied in Mendoza, Argentina and that was very good with plenty to do when we were not studying - wine tours etc.!!

There are also similar schools in Bariloche and Buenos Aires. It cost us around $15 per hour for 1-2-1 lessons - think it would have been about half that if we had had group lessons. The groups are normally 4-6 people I think.

If you want to study before going to Argentina other travellers that we have met have recommended Quito, Ecuador; Cusco, Peru and Sucre, Bolivia - it will probably be much cheaper in all of these countries than in Argentina. I have not visited any of these places yet so don´t have any first hand experience but there would be plenty to do in each of these places as well as studying. Many language schools will arrange homestays (staying with a family) as well which is great to help your learning. It might work out more expensive than finding your own one when you arrive though.

Caracas or Bogota to BA is a massive distance - sure you would be talking days, not hours if such a bus exists. You would surely have to change several times. If you are short of time and cannot break the journey up over a number of weeks, maybe you should get a flight.

Hope this helps a little

Good luck

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My Spanish teacher loves the website & suggested we try it. Lotsa fun! Check it out.

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Caracas and Bogota are over 5000km away and the theres obsticles like Rivers/Mountains and jungle in the could head southwards, cut through Bolivia and down into Arg but it would take a number of stopovers...

If you are in a rush, take a flight...use to find the cheapest

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Probably too late for this now but Guatemala has some of the best and cheapest Spanish schools around. People I now have raved about them and other travellers online seem to have similar views. :) Try

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