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1. Posted by rocko1 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Next May, I am travelling to Thailand (1-2 months) - OZ (3 months) - (possibly) NZ - (possibly) Fiji - Home

I am looking at taking about £3000 ($6000 us) with me, would this be enough?

I will be staying in hostels/guesthouses along the way and I will be getting a working holiday visa for Oz so if money starts running short I will be able to do some work and stay. Going to New Zealand and Fiji depends on the money situation when I am in Australia. For Thailand (and surrounding areas) I am looking at about 1.2k and then the rest in Australia. How does this sound?

I figure, if worst comes to worst I always have my return ticket home. My very last resort though :P


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A rule of thumb i use for rock bottom budget is about 500 euro for developing countries like Thailand and 1000 euro for developed countries (like OZ). So that would be about 4000 euro (2x500 + 3x1000). then you should also add the necessary flight costs (for NZ and Fiji, which I assume is not cheap...adding 1000 euro). Total is 5000 euro. Which is about 4000 UK pounds on lowest budget. So i guess you should leave out NZ and Fiji or just stay a bit longer in south-east Asia (here you can save a lot of money). Have fun!;)

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I don't think £3000 would be enough - I spent more than this just in 3 months in Australia. To do it on £3000 you would have to cut down on your time in Australia and as Wouterr says, spend more time in Asia.

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Im hoping to do a similar trip next may, im going to canada for 7 months on a gap year program (october-end of april) then heading of by myself to NZ-Figi-Oz then up to China. Ive planned about 4-6 weeks in each location(apart from figi for just a week) to get back for the start of uni. Taking out flights im hoping to have around 4000-5000 and im guessing a large part of this is going to be spent in nz and oz but seeming as china is my last stop im hoping that it will be low budget all the way home.
Good luck with your trip, just try look at hostels online in china, on hostelbookers ive found some for £2 a night, this should help your budget alot.

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