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I will be visiting New Zealand later this year and had a few questions i was hoping you could help answer......

1) I am expected to land in NZ in Aug-Sept, and prior to this i would have spent 2 weeks in Fiji. My question is about clothing (bare with me on, i'm not a complete loon).......Obviously Fiji is going to be very warm so i will be in mainly shorts and t-shirts etc, and was not planning on packing lots of jumpers and trousers. However, i have been informed that it will be their winter when i land, and am slightly worried that i will freeze with my lack of warm clothing.
Am i worrying unnecessarily, or would it be a good idea to pack a few more warms clothes?

2) I will be flying into Auckland and making my way overland to Christchurch where i will fly onwards to OZ. In the meantime i will be doing to Kiwi Experience, as i have heard really good things about it.
I am however unsure which package i should choose, because unless you choose the 'full monty' package it looks like you have to miss certain areas of the country.
The 3 packages i had in mind are: 'Sheep Dog', 'Zephyr' & 'Joint Mullets'...................can anyone recommend which one is most value for money and any hidden secrets one might have over an other?

3) Finally, do you think one month in New Zealand is long enough? I was aiming to do 2 weeks on the north island and 2 weeks on the south. Does this sound realistic?

Sorry for the long email.

Hope you can help.


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Sorry not going to be much help-just wanted to say I am also flying from Fiji to NZ in early Sept and was wondering about the weather.

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Hey there

You are right, it will be pretty cold here around that time, getting warmer as the month goes on.
You will need a few warm clothes, maybe not a big bulky jacket though, just layer up and you'll be sweet. There are a few cheap places here that you could definately pick up a few things at if you arent wanting to lug things around in fiji. Could be an idea.

I am sorry i cant be much help with the tours.

I think you could easily spend a month on each island and not get bored... with two weeks you will have to miss some things out. But that happens! I am in the Norht Island myself, but I would say as a tourist you would find it a lot more scenic in the South. In the North dont miss the Taupo/Rotorua area, but other than that, I would reccomend going down to the South soon after. Wellington is my favourite out of Auckland and Wellington, if you could spend a couple of days there thtad be good.
Dont miss queenstown and that area in the south island, it has to be seen

Feel free to ask any more questions you might have

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I have only been to the north island (my boyfriend is from there) but he recommends taking a week to travel from auckland to wellington (including rotorua etc) and then taking a ferry from wellington to picton and spending 3 weeks on the south island...

have fun!

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you will definitely need some warm clothes in august/ September. in the north of the north island you might be ok but everywhere else it will be cold. I travelled round the south island in September and I wore a fleece most of the time.

I have had a look at the 3 passes you mentioned and I would go for Zephyr as it's the only one of the 3 that goes to the bay of islands, which in my opinion is one of the nicest places on the north island.

in terms of how to split your time, I would spend more time on the south island - maybe 10 days on the north and 20 on the south. if you can spare longer though I would recommend it as there is loads to see! 6 weeks would be ideal then you would not have to rush.

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Cheers for the advice guys.

Instead of packing my backpack with a full range from my wardrobe, i think i will wait and purchase the odd fleece when i get out there!

51 days and counting!!

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the South Island will be great. Cold with lots of snow. Hope you like skiing! Queenstown and Wanaka ski fields are fab:)

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hi there there is not enough time in the south island there at all soz, you will need warm cloths for NZ, def a decent wind proof and fleece etc, many people that time of year will be wearing very warm stuff in the south island full on gortex jacket etc. There is the option of buying it when you get there.

Soz cant help you with kiwi exp as we bought a truck out there for 2 months, i would say 2 weeks on north island and 3-4 on south, the best bits are the west coast fiord lands (milford ound etc was amazing!!!!) the far south stewart island was awsome - catlins were nice. frans josehp glacier

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Have a great time in South Island NZ last month.. enjoy your trip..:)


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