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1. Posted by lucc12 (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I will travelling in europe this summer and spending some time in greece. Would like to see Corfu, Athens, Paros, Nixos, Ios, Santorini. Have about 11 to 12 days for this part of the trip, wondering if its too cramed and should maybe write off corfu, basically is there anything to see in corfu. Reason i would want to go to corfu is the Pink Palace hostel looks like its a lot of fun.

2. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Definitely, definitely too crammed. Lopping Corfu off your itinerary would seem like the sensible option, because it's going to add two land trips across Greece to get there 'cause ferries for the Ionians go from the other side of the country. Also, the timings for ferries and buses would mean that you would probably spend pretty much the entire 11 days on transport.

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Yeah sorry to rain on your parade but going to Corfu wud be ridiculous if u only have 11/12 days...stick to the Ionian Islands, if u like sea, sand, drinking, parties, bronzed bodies, etc. ull have an absolute blast!! Plus Ios, Naxoz, Paros and Santorini are each completely different and have something unique to offer...don't miss the sunsets over there, they're gorgeous!!! Enjoy it...I love Greece!!!

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Of course Buffalo is right, apart from that I misleadingly made the wrong island group sound like the Ionians - that is where Corfu is, and the one you want to miss out. The Sporades and Cyclades are the ones you want to head for this time.

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I would definitely go to Corfu . It has so much to offer. Obviously The Pink Palace Hostel is legendary - it has been going over 25 years. I was there two years ago for an extended 10 days as there was so much to do. There are great activities in the day ; booze cruise, quad ATV safaris , kayak safaris , etc. and great nightlife in their Palladium Disco. Check out their website:

If you don't want to party or can combine partying and sightseeing it is still worth staying at the Pink Palace as I remember paying only 20 euros a night with breakfast and 3 course evening meal. On the ATV safari we saw a lot of the Island , Achillion Palace is well worth a visit , so are the fortresses .

Corfu & The Pink Palace was definitely the highlight of my 3 month Europe trip!!!!:):)

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I would head to the Pink Palace on Courfu you cant bet it for a a good time and value for money, like Petersmith says heaps to do during the day and something diff on everynight at the nightclub, toga parties, uzo ciclres. Plus you cant beat it for value 25 euros a night for an aircon 3 ppl share room, with own bathroom basiclly like a cheap hotel room plus a 3 course dinner.

I was over there in July last year and you can get a return ticket to courfu from athens for around 45 euros i think it was. Hostel Aphrodite is where i stayed in athens and the bus left from there, 8 hours by bus then 3 by ferry to get there.

I also went to ios and courfu was deffinetly betta i would have to say, ios is still good but its totaly different more expensive plus its not really that good a place to meet ppl its more full of ppl travelling in groups on a 2 week benda. I stayed at Far out camping in a tent which i wouldnt recommend, nightlife only picks up after midnight and its too hot to sleep during the day, i only lastest 5 nights.

Anyway where eva you end up going u will have an awersome time let me.