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Im still trying to work out the details of my tour august-mid december..So this includes staying in Buenos Aires for the first 3 or 4 weeks...and volunteering 3-4 weeks in Salta in OCT? because before i make it to salta, im thinking i'll go overland to Reserva Provencial Esteros del Ibera - Iguazu - Missions at San Ignacio - Resistancia - Parque National Chaco (How long might this leg take me?)- Salta - Cafayate - San Agustin (is getting here SAFE? i hear the bus ride is dangerous)visit Valle de la Luna - Nenquen - El Calafate (Parque National de los Glaciers)....i would love to make it to Tierra del Fuego, but is this uber expensive to get there? and im not campng, so is there hostels there?
- Puerto Madryn - La Plata - Buenos Aires
BUDGET = $3500-4000 USD That's averaging $30 a day, does that sound good?
Also, does it make sense to try and go to these different climates with one backpack??

Thanks, Eva

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Hi Eva,

I've seen weirder trips come by :)

BsAs - Mercedes (the place you need to go in order to visit Iberá, which btw is an excellent choice) is easy, as is Mercedes - Iguazú although you may need to change busses in Posadas. If so, it would make sense to go to San Ignacio from Posadas, and from there to Iguazú.

You want to enter PN Chaco, or you just wanna do the busride Resistencia - Salta by ruta 16? The latter would take 10 hours approx, but that is only a very rough estimate, as much depends on the condition of the road (last time I was there, the 16 hadn't been paved yet). In case of the former, the bus to Salta will be able to drop you off at Capitan Solari, but you can also join a package trip from Resistencia, which might work out cheaper.

Re San Augustín (assuming you mean San Agustín del Valle Fértil), I haven't done that busride myself but I've never heard bad stories about it either. Where did you get that info? Judging from what little I know of that area, it will probably be a steep, narrow road with an abyss at one side; not good for driving yourself, but relatively harmless if you're in a bus.

I'm guessing you want to do San Juan - Neuquén via ruta 40; bear in mind that that will either take a lot of time (afaik there are no long-distance busses there, only local ones so you'll have to change often), or a lot of money (if you join a tour).

Personally, I found PN los Glaciares a total waste of time; it's a nasty tourist trap, and your money and time are much better spent on PN Nahuel Huapi near Bariloche, which is splendid (not to mention less far south).

If you want to visit Tierra del Fuego, you'd have to head east to the Atlantic coast first (Comodor Rivadavia), and then south; although possible, doing that part near the Chilean border is hardly feasible. It's not that expensive, but it takes a lot of time, and accommodation (there's loads of hostel in Ushuaia) tends to fill up quickly. Overall, I'd say it may not be worth it, given the rest of your itinerary.

Re Pto Madryn; the peninsula Valdez is very nice, but only in the right time of year. After mid november (i.e. after the whaling season), it is really not worth it anymore.

Hope this is any good to you. You planned a nice trip, which is by all means feasible in the time you have. I wouldn't worry about the climates; if you pack decent outdoor gear, and wear layers of clothing, you should be fine.

Maybe we'll run in to you (I'm in the Bariloche area myself mid november), best regards,

I forgot the budget question. U$30 a day is rather tight, and I'm afraid it won't be enough if you plan to include any organised trips and excursions

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$20.00 per day for Hostal,food,bus and entrance for parks?
sure not enough this days.
some Prices have gone up in Argentina since my last trip in Feb.this year.

Better calculate with $50 just to be on the safe side.
to give you a little Idea about entrance costs
Parque fin del mundo was in Feb.$10.00
National parque Iguazu was $12.00 Arg.side
Brazil side $12.00
Restaurant prices $1-3 higher

Change rate for Pesos one day 3,05 next day 3,12 for the $

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thanks for the advive. yeah i know 30$ a day sounds tight, but that time includes when im going to be with a friend for a month (in her house) and 4 weeks of volunteering ($200 for 4 wks, a homestay), so i am thinking ill average out fine...but , yes, surely i will save plenty of money by then, but it's not my intention to spend every penny, as im travelling quite frugally.. plus my parents are always my last resort.
haha, im sure that bus advice will come in handy once i actually am in the situation and know what you are referring to (route wise)
another question perhaps from a us citizen...when i arrive in the airport, what should i mention is the reason why i am the country (just, as a 'student'?) and how do i go about getting an extension on the visa, since it's ony free for us to go for up to 90 days. exiting is not an option:(, considering i need to pay for a visa to get in the countries around i am willing to pay the 50-100$ to get the extension, but is that quite easy to do once in the airport, is there a special place to do it?