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seems i wasn't so precise on what i wanted help with !! so here goes again ! :D

me and a few mates would love to go to main citys/places.

E.G italy, greece, portuagal, madrid, amsterdam, germany , france then places within them venice ect.

AS YOU CAN SEE thats alot of travelling as there sooo far apart and we will be driving by car.

we would love a few tips on what places to avoid where to definatly go and where not to go
were not to keen on just travelling east or west we would prefer jst to drive too all of them A BIT AMBITIOUS :p I KNOW !!

also how long will this journey be ?? as getting time off wont be an issue...4months, 6 months ?

please help ! thankyou :D

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(woah, caps)

so several years ago my family had a bit of a road trip (literally a bit, it wasn't very long road-trip wise). we went to visit family and friends in serbia. we live in canada. so we flew to dusseldorf and drove to belgrade (capital in serbia). it took us three days to drive from germany to serbia. in the meanwhile, we stopped at cities and towns here and there, throughout germany, austria, slovenia.. by the time we arrived, we were dead tired. we weren't hurrying to get to our destination, either. maybe if we stopped for longer periods of time, it would have been a bit less tiring...double the time/length, something like that. i hope that helps an inch?

good luck and have fun!


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If time isn't the issue then I'd make it as long as possible. The post before is right in saying that you'll be tired if you don't take it slow.
I mean.. a trip around Europe is to enjoy yourself not to tire yourselves out ;P

So I suggest up to 6 months and spending some time in each area so you can relax and enjoy yourselves.

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This is what I would do:

Drive down from the UK to France, Spain and then hit Morocco. Drive up again along the Med, down to Italy and catch the Ancona-Brindisi ferry to Greece. Go from Greece to Turkey, then back up again to the UK from Istanbul via the Balkan countries, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

Timeframe: at least 6 months.

I would plot the route using google maps and viamichelin and similar services, getting an estimate for distances, driving times and costs of gas that way. I would calculate with a cost of 2 EUR per litre, this way you'll have some spare cash if the car breaks down.

I would go in summer and avoid winter, since winter camping is not for everybody. In Germany and Austria it is allowed to "free camp", ie to park your car and pitch your tent somewhere off-road without paying anything as long as you are gone the next day and leave no trace. People who do this usually stay near public swimming pools or lakes so that they can wash.

Cost of food will be around 7 EUR per day and person. Entry to sights will be around 10 EUR per day and person. I think that each person should have around 25 EUR per day of travel plus money for gas.

Everybody should have world-wide emergency health insurance. As UK citizens all of you are eligible for basic treatment by the NHS-equivalent in the EU countries, but this won't cover emergency transport back to the UK.

One word of warning: Hanging together 24/7 for an extended amount of time can destroy any friendship. Your best mates might turn out your worst enemies if you do not talk to each other and agree in advance about what you want to see and do, where to sleep and eat, what you expect from the trip, etc. Each and everyone should have a back-up plan - what to do if you all have a gigantic fall-out on the road, how to get back to the UK without the rest of the gang, opportunities to earn some cash, etc.