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1. Posted by daveh (Travel Guru 1027 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Once again i'm reminded what a cushy life i have. I don't normally post things about such events, but every time i read a story or see the news, i find myself getting really angry at the lack of action from the Junta. Having worked in disaster management for a while, i already know that lives will have been lost because of the slow response, the first hour (golden hour)/24 hours is the most critical time after a disaster, and nothing was done.
I am staggered at the lack of humanity this government has. I really feel for the people of Myanmar, but i can't see any good news coming out of this country for some time. My thoughts go out to them.

2. Posted by Seany (Respected Member 268 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I feel the same way. Its very upsetting to see, I hope and pray that the awaiting aid and help reach all the victims as soon as possible.

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it is really terrible. and after like the first day the government decided to accept foreign help. it is really crazy. and today i read that charity money is not widely given because people have no clue of the devastation, because only the government decides which images can be used in international press. its just ridiculous.

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Can't agree more with the sentiments of you all. I lived and worked there years a go and the Junta has not changed other than tightening their grip on power. I hate to say this but this is a good example of why I have been as outspoken as I have been about travel to Burma.
I read blogs from travellers who say their money meant so much to the locals. The real locals were moved out of Rangoon in 1990 after the failed elections. It was similar to the killing feilds where 85% of Rangoon's population was moved to flooded rice paddies at the beginning of the rainy season. This was done to avoid more student demonstrations. The people that are predominently left in the city have direct or indirect ties with the government, or deemed non threatening. Yes, there are a few left in Rangoon, but not many and of course some did make it back into the city.
I don't encourage touists NOT To go to Burma to visit, but I do think most tourists that go are naive about what they see and what the Junta is all about.

Prayers to the victims and the NLD

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I have sent some money to my guide in Yangon as the way he suggested that is via a private Myanmar company located in Singapore. It reached to him within 2 days. The junta doesn't get a single cent in this way.

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Well as we can all see nothing has really changed. Actually it has, it's probably gotten worse. The Junta has declared to emergency to be over and they are in the rebuild mode. They see dollars signs in their eyes. requesting 10billion US for rebuilding. Many parts of the disaster area has yet to be even visited let alone any assitant efforts launched. Keep in mind that this is part of the areas that people went when the Junta emptied Rangoon of it's so called dissadents back in 1989-90, so what do they care what happens to the people. Not that they need a reason anyway.

Travellerspoint is not the only travel web site on the web. However it is th eonly one that seems to be brave enough to be at least a little outspoken about what is going on in Burma. Some of the others are more concerned about getting a visa and what to dowhen they get there than really taking the time to understand what has happened in Burma and what is happening. When I mentioned opposition to travelling there on another site I felt chastised for voicing my opinion. Thanks to Daveh for starting this thread, I am happy to know that there are some "aware" travellers out there. I normally do not discourage people from travelling to countries. As I have said before, there are good and bad places in the world. Often times travelling to the bad parts can be a good learning experience. I don't feel Burma even falls into that catagory. I also understand that there are differing opinions out there and I think that is good. All I ask is that travellers be aware of what is going on and be educated about Burma and the Junta. BBC Documentaries two weeks ago interviewed local residents in Burma who stated that they do NOT want tourists to come as tourists dollars support the Junta. Again, travellers don't want to believe that but it is true.