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1. Posted by colinmc (Full Member 129 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

hi all

i am thinking of traveling to patong beach, reli just looking for information of cheap hotels and were the best places to go are,

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Personally, for a solo 22 year old male I couldn't think of a worse place to visit than Patong Beach or anywhere in Phuket for that matter. But if 50 year old men in speedos with Thai "girlfriends", constant offers from ladyboys, expensive restaurants, and aggressive touts and salesmen is your gig, then fill your boots. But if you want fellow young travelers to party with, or relaxing beaches to chill out on, and all for a much more affordable price than Phuket, then there are so many better options in Thailand.
For places to party, then even going just a little further south to Phi Phi would be a better option. It's still a little too busy and developed for my tastes (though I loved it back in 2003), but a friend of mine (mid 20's) just got back from Phi Phi a couple days ago and loved it. I think I mentioned in your other post that over Christmas I was with a group in Thailand. After the 8 of us unanimously decided that Phuket was a s%#@hole, we parted ways to find better Islands. 2 of the group who still wanted to party went Phi Phi, staying the next two weeks, and having the time of their lives. The rest of us went to Koh Lanta, where we found nice quiet beaches, with affordable beach huts, and a relaxed travelers vibe. Night life was pretty minimal, but hanging out on the beach, playing some guitar, drinking some beer, and enjoying the company of new friends our own age is what we were looking for (and what I usually go for in Thailand).
On the east coast you'll also find three islands all with different appeals. Samui is Thailand's second most popular Island and these days has a similar atmosphere of Phuket. Admittedly, I have an unfair distaste for the places, as the few days that I spent there in the rain wasn't really enough to see it for all it's worth, and I have met more than a few travelers who have really liked the place. So if you are looking for some night life and a happening beach scene, then many Samui isn't a bad option.
But personally I think that for any young solo traveler, Koh Phagnan can't be beat. Famous for it's full moon parties, it is THE place for young folks to party. I've been there on three visits, first time solo, second time with my girlfriend, and third time for New Years with a group, and all times were good fun. Luckily though, the party is pretty much contained on one single beach (Had Rinn) so on the rest of the island you'll find nice quiet, relaxed, and beautiful beaches.
And also on the the east coast you'll find Koh Tao, a very small Island famous for it's cheap diving, and being a more laid back version of Phagnan (demographically speaking). I really enjoyed Tao last time I was there, but it's been a few years now, so I don't know what the atmosphere is like these days.

So really, there are so many options out there is you think outside the Phuket box. I think a young solo traveler, no matter what you looking for, will find better options on other islands.

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Totally agree. Unless the sex tourism is what you're there for, give it a miss, though Phuket Town is reasonably interesting for a day or two, but obviously not beachy. Ko Phi Phi (beautiful, reasonably lively) and Ko Lanta (relaxed, cheap, lovely food) are good options. I've not been to Ko Phangan so I can't comment on that.

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hey thanks guys, degolasse thanks for the heads up that was some great info...quite a few ppl have sayd phi phi so i think ill fligh into bangkok and travel my way down to there....

iv heard these full moon partys are abit wild and not the best idea if u are on ur did u find it