Ozexperience? Greyhound? Which is better/worth its money?

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Hey im planning on the typical east coast route, from sydney to Cairns, both companies advertise the route strongly just wondering from different peoples experiences which is better. Im planning on doing the route in 6 weeks with at least a week in cairns at the end. Any advise would be extremly helpful.
Im also planning to do the route in june/july? is this the busy season? is the weather good enough at places like byron bay and cairns to go swimming/snorkling? thanks for the help

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I went on the Oz Experience bus from Melbourne to Cairns and thought it was great and would definately recommend it. It did cost more than the Greyhound but there were lots of extras included. I decided to go with Oz Experience as I was travelling alone and didn't have a massive amount of time (I think I did it in 5/6 weeks)
to get from Melbourne to Cairns and wanted to see as much as possible liked the sound of some of the extra activities.

I met lots of fun people and had a great time. However it isn't for everyone. And keep in mind that most people are pre or post uni (18-23). So if you are outside this age range you might not like it (although I was older and still had a great time). Or if you like being able to do your own thing and go off on your own, then again you might not enjoy it - you are on a bus with a lot of people and most nights we met up for dinner etc.

The bus is pretty flexible and you can stay as long as you want at the drop off points. But there aren't buses every day from every location and sometimes buses are full. I didn't really have a problem with this - just takes a quick call to reserve your spot, or you can do it on the bus. But figuring out how include all the trips I wanted to between Frazer Island and Cairns while still being able to catch the bus in between turned out to be a challenge!

As was doing the same trip from May/June and the weather was great. Warm enough for the sea. Even a bit of a tan..

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haha, thanks yea ive heard so many mixed responses but i think it is the best way, gives you so many options, thanks very much for the help

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I wouldn't personally do Oz Experience, I'd rather see things for myself rather than being led around and I'm not really into the boozy stuff. Greyhound is just a bus service, which is why it's much cheaper, but I prefer that. If you're after a guided tour and a party atmosphere (all the time) Oz Experience is probably the one.

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I went a couple of years ago, was 23 at the time, and decided to opt for Greyhound. I was put off Oz Experience as I didn't want to have to spend every night getting drunk just to fit in.

You say that Oz Experience gives you more options but you may find that you are not interested in all the activities Oz Experience offers but will find that you will be paying for them regardless of whether you get involved as its all included in the price. Going by Greyhound was great as you get to meet far more peole who are interested in more than just drinking and catching a tan who can give you ideas on places to see and things to do.

Like Oz Experience you have to book your seat in advance, get to hop on /hop off at whatever stop you like along the route but it also gives you the freedom to choose your own itinary and activities which I felt I got more out of. Going by Greyhound is also cheaper which means you have more money in your pocket to splurge out on the things you really want to - you will find that the things on offer in Cairns for example when you stay there are pretty pricey.

Thats just my opinion anyway but then we all go travelling for are own reasons and mine were to experience a bit more independance - not being told what to do and where to stay!

As for the weather - I went in Australian winter time and found that it was a bit too nippy to hit the beach until I got to Cairns/Cape Tribulation not that that got in the way of my fun!