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Hi All!
I remember reading in this forum about Puno to cuzco train ride,,but cant find that thread anymore.
I looked into the perurail website and they dont seem to have any cheap options,,although one guide suggests that there is a backpacker fare worth $17.
If anyone can shed more light on this would be really helpful

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Hi, the backpacker fare no longer exists.

Look up peru rail on google and you will get it from there.

Think the fare is now nearer 150 US bucks mate. Met a few people who did it nevertheless and enjoyed it. Can't say for sure whether or not it is worth it though. Really depends on your budget I guess.

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The train throughout the "sacred valley" is a real job. The fares are way overpriced. I took the bus from Puno to Cuzco, and if I remeber correctly it went right along the same path as the train tracks. The views are beautiful from the bus. Ask around for which side to sit on, but i dont think it matters. It is usually best to reserve in advance, and sit at the front.
Also there is a tourist bus which stops at sites of interest along the way that I think runs about $30 US. I think you can do it for as little as $15 on a regular bus. Maybe even less.
Good luck,

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check out some info on the "Inka Express". I was in peru during april and i took the bus from cusco to puno. Its a bit touresty but it was safe and nice and very inexpenisve


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Thanks for the reply..i think i'll do the bus as I am taking the train from Cuzco to Machu pichu.

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I just took the bus from Puno to Cuzco, caught FirstClass. It was ok, dragged on for a bit. The buffet gave me diorreh that I kept for 5 days. Not happy about that.

The Inka Express that kept meeting us at the same stops seemed to have less people, and also looked more comfortable. FirstClass doestn arrive or depart from the bus terminal, which is a pain too. We paid 60 soles per person, not including entrance fees, 21 soles per person on top! You need to check that!


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Hey, jhetland, thanks for the advice on the bus trip to Puno, now I know what to ride if I cannot find the backpacker train, although as vikas said Peru Rail does not give any publicity to this service, I talked to someone who said this train is still running.

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oh wow!
if the backpacker's fare still exists and the perurail keeps it kind of hidden then the best thing would be to find it out once we are there..if there is a backpacker's fare we can go for it.. otherwise take the bus..now who is going the earlieast?..i'll be ther around 18-20th august.I can surely post what i found!

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I just did the Inka Express from Puno to Cuzco. Bus is decently comfortable, and the free drinks very welcome, but although they depart from the Puno bus terminal, they arrive at their office in the middle of nowhere in Cuzco. Make certain that your hotel knows your coming with the Inka Express and will have arranged a pick up for you, as official taxis are really hard to find there (we lucked out by getting the only one which was waiting - all the others were decidedly dodgy).
Also: the stops (museum, ruins, church) aren't worth paying for - rather than going to the museum, you're much better off walking five minutes uphill to the actual ruins which were the source for the museum. For the ruins and the church I'd recommend just wandering around on your own for a bit or sitting back in the shade.