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1. Posted by Jadearth (Budding Member 36 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Europe is next! I know this is a question asked a LOT on this forum, but I've got to ask it again. I've just recently finalized my decision to go to Europe...I might possibly have some travel companions...but if I don't (if they choose college of travel) I'd like to have a plan for myself to go solo...and then I would be a 19 year old girl travelling solo in Europe...not something that necessarily makes me scared, but imput on maybe some countries best suited for young female solo travel would be great.
I'm interested in everywhere! and I'd like to stay for as long as possible. I know Europe is expensive, but I'd still like to be gone for as long as I can.
There are two countries that I am set on traveling to...the first is Austria. I've dreamed of going to Austria forever! and not JUST because of the Sound of Music...haha. How long do you think I could spend in Austria? Is there quite a lot to see and do? I know that farther East in Europe would be cheaper, but I've just got to spend some time in Austria. Specifically CHRISTMAS in Austria. Which city in Austria would be "best" for Christmastime?
The second is Italy because I will have a friend on exchange in Florence. But, other then that, I am set on anywhere else.
I am debating on whether or not to go to the UK as well...I'd like to go there...but I was thinking that it might be too expensive of an addition to my trip? Would it be best to stick to the countries around Austria/Italy? or would it be just SAD if I didn't go there. haha, I've tried to think this all out myself, but I've just got myself into a state of confusion. Just some input would be nice to get my decision skills back together.

2. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hey there!
Europe! How long do u have to travel for?
If u have limited time/budget then skip the UK, its too far and too costly. Vienna is a nice town - expensive but nice. Most of my time has been spent in Tyrol. I think its the best region, small Alpine villages and great for skiing//snowboarding or hiking. Salzburg is always very boring for me. If you want a cheap break from Austria/italy go to Bratislava, Slovakia. Its only 1 hour from Vienna and very cheap and better value of fun compared to Vienna, I think. 1euro beers! woohoo.

Italy is nice, ofcourse see Florence but Tuscany has alot of other nicer towns. Arrezo and the villages around it are worth the trip.

For a young girl solo, u wont have any trouble meeting people, but if ur planning around Christmas might be quite dead. Austria is a very religious country and everything seems to shut around then. Im sure same for italy.

3. Posted by bwiiian (Travel Guru 769 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

The UK is very expensive, but seeing as you are going to Europe then it would be a shame to miss it out. London is obviously very expensive but you could fly either Easyjet or Ryanair to places like Liverpool or Manchester from most European countries and it would be much cheaper. And to be honest, Austria and Italy are not that cheap anyway. Cheap in Europe means eastern Europe in places like Latvia and Lithuania etc. but most places in western Europe are silly expensive. The 2 most expensive cities in the world to live in are Moscow and London. It is now far more expensive for me to go on holiday in the UK than it is for me to fly to anywhere else in the world. For example I have just bought a flight to Hong Kong for £304 ($600). £304 in the UK would get me about 5 nights in a cheap hotel in London. Now as I am from the UK guess which one I would always choose? Anyway, you will love Europe, it is a great but expensive place.

4. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

yes exactly. Iv said it before, ill say it again. Go to eastern Europe. Its far cheaper and much more fun and less touristic - for the most part, there are exceptions, Dalmatian coast, Prague....You can always go to Western Europe when ur older and have money!

Except Berlin, Berlin Rocks. Best city in Europe. Its been proven.

5. Posted by swansong (Budding Member 11 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi Jadearth. I went to Europe last summer by myself-- and I was a 19 year old female too (though I did do some travel with some friends as well). I spent the majority of my time in Prague, and I would recommend it so highly. I absolutely fell in love with the city, and it's really affordable compared to other parts of Europe (ie most of Europe). Plus it's right by Austria. :) As for Austria, I went to Salzburg (which I fell in love with as well, perhaps it's my most favorite spot in Europe) and Vienna. I would stay in the vicinity of Austria/Italy; there is a ton to see and do around there, and once you get to Europe it's really easy and pretty affordable to move around.

Dont' worry too much about flying solo-- just be smart. If you have any questions about anything feel free to contact me!

Have a great trip; I know you will. I would give pretty much anything to do it again (and hopefully I will after I've finished paying off last summer!)

6. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Budget: the further south and east, the cheaper. Accommodation in major tourist destinations can be outrageous and fills up quickly, so best book in advance, esp. when travelling during high season. Also, consider using the various hospitality exchange websites that are out there, although you need to be (very) cautious with them. Servas open doors is prolly the safest one, but also the least flexible.

As to transportation, the cheapest option is usually the bus; Eurolines has a good many international connections. In eastern Europe, train can work out even cheaper, in the west, it is usually (slightly) more expensive. This is probably redundant, but avoid hitch-hiking when you travel solo.

As to Christmas in Austria: Vienna is as good (or rather, bad) a place to celebrate Christmas as anywhere. X-mas while travelling imo sucks, since most locals are likely to celebrate at home, so the city will be deserted but for tourists. If you have a chance at all to celebrate with locals, take it, irrespective the location.

As to Italy: if you wanna go cheap, consider going south of Rome, where prices drop dramatically. Few major sights there, but the scenery is lovely.

By the time you need more specific information, do post back here. best,

7. Posted by Hineikin15 (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

We really enjoyed Innsbruck, Austria. It has a great holiday village feel. : )

If you got to Rome-make sure you give yourself some time there. I would say no shorter than four to five days minimum! There is a lot of sights to see and you don't want to feel too rushed.

I would suggest Cinque Terre in Italy for something a little less fast paced. Very beautiful and worth staying a few nights there!

8. Posted by Jadearth (Budding Member 36 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

hey! this is exciting! Thanks for the info! I've been looking at Slovenia too now and it looks appealing!???!??
Now it's just figuring out an itinerary! It's hard because it seems cheaper to fly into the UK from USA, but more expensive to fly into Eastern Europe!? I haven't looked that hard yet so I might be wrong.
I also might visit my friend in Spain who dropped out of school, gave away all her clothes, and then took off to Spain to become a nun! Not to mention it was a COMPLETE SHOCK.... and now I miss her, a lot.
So yeah, hopefully Spain...maybe...if I can find her. haha.

9. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

There are a number of very cheap flights from the UK to Eastern Europe. See and Do some calculations of total cost, and then decide.

The reason it is cheaper to fly into the UK is because the distance is significantly shorter and the competition on the route US-UK is very tough. New York-London is one of the busiest routes in the whole world, almost each and every airline in the US and in Europe has flights going this way. But there are only a limited number who fly to say, Prague from the US - thus they have more leeway in what they can charge.

10. Posted by boulderman (Respected Member 418 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

How was the trip?

I liekd Vienna and Linz, I was there in June funnily enough!