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Hi All

First time poster here.

to cut to the chase,im 24 old male,a NZ passport holder and need to do escape the daily grind which is life.....

I am very interested in doing a working holiday in America for 6 months-1 year.
Ive done some googling and have found a few leads.

Problem is that these are ALL catered towards students,which im i feel a little defeated.

Is there anyone out there who can share thier advice/opinions on research ideas?

if it makes a difference i dont mind doing unskilled labour etc...

thanks guys and gals

Kody(boy by the water)

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Such a visa for the USA can be difficult, not sure if there is one for non-students for such a length of time. Working on a summer camp as a counsellor is one possibility, but that would be for 2-3 months.

Have you considered Canada as a possibility for a working holiday visa, and doing some travelling south of the border while you're in that area of the world?

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thanks mate.

Ive actually done the canada thing and if im correct its one time thing only.

thanks anywayz.

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IEP in New Zealand offer a returners visa for Canada - very limited visas, but kiwis who have previously travelled to Canada on the regular working holiday visa can return on this other visa. Details here.

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hmmmm didnt know that.

well now i have another option.:)

much appreciated bro!


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Hey Kody... Here's the good news there are a few options for you as a Kiwi. We at IEP (International Exchange Programs) have OE programs for basically anyone so you're never too old to do an OE...

Work USA Unlimited: Open to anyone over the age of 21 (no upper age limit). On this program you can work for 5 months in the USA starting November/December. You'll be working for a shuttle van company called Colorado Mountain Express. This means you'll be working near some of the best ski fields like Aspen, Vail and Beaver Creek so you can ski/snowboard on your days off. To be eligible you need to have a clean driving record and be able to pass a Colorado driving test (of course CME has an extensive training program).

Work Canada: Is open to anyone between 18 and 30 (inclusive). You'll get a working holiday visa which allows you to do any job anywhere in Canada. You'll get all the help and support from IEP and our local partner in Canada (SWAP) so you'll be hitting the ground running.

Work Canada Job Fair: Same deal as on Work Canada (same visa and support) but on this program you'll get hired in NZ by Canadian companies like: Whistler Blackcomb, Panorama, Fairmont Hotels, Grouse Mountain, Canada Olympic Park, and Kicking Horse. So you job and accommodation is secured before you go over.

Just to let you know that there are still heaps of option out there. The USA can be a bit tricky as the 4 and 12 months programs are for students and/or recent graduates only. That's why we're happy with USA Unlimited, no upper age limit. Plus we also have volunteer programs to the USA, Peru, Cambodia, and South Africa.

Want to know more??? We have heaps of free OE Evenings coming up throughout NZ. Check out the upcoming dates.

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Not sure if it would be your cup of tea but Walt Disney World hires many foreign workers for a year at a time, all the time. They have an entire program that revolves around it it called the "International Program". Basically you get a one year work visa, through Disney, and you work somewhere around WDW be it at a park or resort or wherever. They provide housing and a bus network to get you to work and to certain places around town as part of the package. I also know NZ recruits for this as I met someone from there on this program just this past Jan. I hear it can be kind of expensive to do though, and you are committed to a year of employment at Disney, which isn't horrible, but probably isn't the best job in the world either (in terms of pay and hours). Still something to research if you're interested.

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Hi guys... Here's a quick update on Returner (SWAP) Visas for Canada. Kiwis are lucky because they can get one of those SWAP visas so they are allowed to add another year of working and having fun in Canada to their OE. Anyone who already has used up a Working Holiday Visa for Canada and checks off on the eligibility criteria can apply for that visa; you can be in Canada but you don't have to be.

However these Returner visas are limited and only available through IEP's Work Canada Returner program. This year we only had 250 visas, which ran out the day before yesterday but the Canadian High Commission just added 250 extra to that. So if you're interested, don't wait too long as these visas are very popular and will run out before the end of the year.

And the great thing about the Canadian Working Holiday and SWAP visa is that once it's issued you'll have 12 months to activate it (by entering the country) and then from the activation date 12 months to work and have fun in Canada.

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Kody, Go to San Diego California, get a job there, and hop to mexico and vacation for the weekend, back and forth, even go up to los angeles, up the coast. I live In mexico, Tijuana, and i work in san diego..first hand experience my friend