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11. Posted by SheIsFree (Full Member 24 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

great info there about the different options for malaria prevention, thanks :)

Just wondering though if anyone has taken malaria pills constantly for more than a year? I seen a travel doctor the other day to get my typhoid and yellow fever injections, and I asked for a prescription for malaria tablets. The doctor seemed a bit concerned about me taking them for a long period of time, and suggested not to take them, but to wear long sleeves and use insect repellent with deet in it (although she was also concerned about the long-term use of deet as well), and to use a mosquito net at night, and to be aware of the symptoms so I could get immediate medical attention if I thought I had malaria. I'll be in Tanzania for 12 months, then probably travelling through other African countries after that for a while, so I'll be in high malaria risk areas. Does this advice sound right?

(oops, just realised this topic is under Asia.. didn't want to start a new thread though)

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12. Posted by wildfk (Respected Member 463 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

firstly get info from a SPECIALIST doctor, your own may not have the up-to-date info/knowledge to advise you best.

Thailand is generally regarded as "safe " when i comes to malaria...if you are spending time i the jungle around the borders, that is a different matter.

However the greatest risk in Thailand is probably DENGUE for which as ye there are no vaccines.
Avoidance of mosquitoes is your best option, use repellents and wear long sleeves and trousers.

you should get Hep "A" ans "B" vaccinations and bear in mind the course takes several weeks (month +)

Rabies shots - starters might be an idea - many of these are available medicines etc in Thailand if you get bitten by ANY mammal you should take a course of jabs.

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