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hey all
ill be travelling around oz and NZ with my digital camera and i wanted to know how easy it is to burn the pics onto cds. can u do it in any internet cafe? do they have the usb connections and the software?
i dont really understand it all that much cos i only bought the camera a week ago, but i know that with my camera (nikon) i got a cd with nikon view. when i wanna burn the pics on a cd as to free up space on the memory card will i be able to use any software that is available on the computer or will i need to travel with the cs that has the file on it?

appreciate ur help


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have a look at this post, is simliar to the problem you have

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Hi Yaara,
I had the same situation a couple of years ago. Buy the biggest memory card you can, so you don't have to burn to CD too often, as they will charge you a fair bit (maybe $10-15).
I actually got it done more often at 'normal' photographic shops, where you might take films to be developed. Some Internet cafes might do it now, but probably not all.

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i just quit working for a fuji photo shop yesterday and they had a stand where you pop your camera card (it takes all types of cards not just fuji) in and view your photos. from there you can either get them printed or burn a cd,they can have it for you in an hour or the next cost €6 here to burn a cd. i say any fuji places in oz will have the same thing.