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1. Posted by maridod (Full Member 114 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Me and my mate are currently attempting to plan an itinerary for our RTW trip. We originally wanted to start in the middle east, but were told that we couldn't with any RTW tickets. We have hence decided to fly into Turkey from London, overland it down to Cairo and then get an independent flight from Cairo to Johannesburg or Cape Town.

We cannot find any round the world flights that would get us from Johannesburg to India....we are trying to go...
fly to India
fly or ferry to Sri Lanka
fly to Singapore
overland to Ho Chi Mihn City
fly to Hong Kong
fly to Tokyo
fly to Sydney or Melbourne

Can anyone please tell me if the Joburg to India route is at all far the closest anyone has been able to get us is either Dubai or Singapore. We are going to be traveling for awhile but dont think I could handle going overland for 3.5 months, which is the total time we plan on spending in India and SE Asia. Please let me know if you think any South African travel agents would be able to handle this RTW request! Cheers!

Thanks in advance!!!!!

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I have seen a round the world ticket that has Malaysian, South African, Emirates, Jet Airways and a few others which may do what you want to a certain extent but it would most likely involve re arranging your itinerary a bit to have some of the first places last and last places first. Also you talk about a rtw the world itinerary, but unless my eyes are playing tricks on me I only see a fraction of the world covered and to make a valid rtw ticket you need to cover all 360 degrees of the globe.

You have totally skipped out the Americas and Europe which would both be needed even if only to transit so that you could make a valid ticket on any rtw fare.

The continent based one world fare may let you visit most of the places you want to, but would require you to re arrange your whole itinerary and require a large amount of backtracking. Something like Johannesburg-Perth-Sydney-Bangkok (where you would do some travel around South East Asia and purchase a seperate flight on Air Asia back to Bangkok probably from Hanoi)-Delhi (you'd then also do your travel to Sri Lanka but do it return to India)-Hong Kong-Tokyo-Los Angeles-New York (you could be a lot more adventurous here even fitting in somewhere like Montego Bay/Jamaica)-Madrid-anywhere in Europe you want as long as it has a flight to London. After you got to London you would then need to fly back to Johannesburg. I think that this would be a valid itinerary on the continent based fare for 5 continents. If you had a lot of time and could spend a lot on your ticket, it would probably even be possibly to fit South America in there as long as the place you planned to depart from had a flight to Madrid.

Hope this is of some help.