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Hanoi and Hue: Rip-off places? Annoying locals?

Travel Forums Asia Hanoi and Hue: Rip-off places? Annoying locals?

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11. Posted by Swept Away (Travel Guru 1116 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I am leaving for Cambodia tomorrow. I guess I stayed here for almost 21 days. I'll just take some photos of the city later.

Now I found the words to describe why their manner offends me. I am south east Asian, but I certainly dont look like a local. What I dont like is this beggar look of the taxi drivers and other species of annoyance. They seem so pathetic. I live in a tourism destination in China, the motor taxi drivers are more dignified (I used to hate them too). But now I realize they were never a pestilence. I think I am disgusted by their look. They look so desperate and pathetic. For a former FRENCH colony, they have a very bad sense of style, especially the men. Poverty is not an excuse (I'm just kidding) I don't know how to continue without sounding offensive.

I didn't get this feeling in Bangkok, Malaysia and the cities in China. Well ofcourse I had my "I hate China" moments. But I can excuse Shanghai and Beijing for the rip offs, these are mega cities. We are paying for the ambiance! But the OLD QUARTERS, come on!!! The beers and the meals are higher than Tokyo... They need to learn that Hanoi is not MOSCOW. The ignorance annoys me.

They dont even exchange CHINESE MONEY... JEEZ! and some prefer the HK dollar. UHM newsflash! The RMB or Yuan is becoming stronger as the Olympics are coming. My Chinese money here has no value, amazing! I though my friend was crazy when he started changing all his RMB to US dollars. Educated and beautiful Filipinos have to go abroad to earn dollars. In Vietnam a wide eyed motor taxi driver is a dollar earner. Id rather walk a thousand miles with my backpack than ride with scavengers.

Lastly, crossing the streets here should be an OLYMPIC sport. There is nothing charming about an ocean of motorbike belching poison for those who roam the city on foot.

THE BRIGHT SIDE: I wish I stayed in MUI NE AND NHA TRANG... The beaches are amazing. I just think that Vietnam is too expensive for what it has to offer. The old quarters can be charming, but definitely not worth the price one pays to stay there. It ain't MACAU!

12. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3579 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Swept Away,
The American dollar evolved into the de facto currency many years ago. Paying for something that costs hundreds of dollars in VND is just not practical. Everyone in VN can convert VND into dollars or the reverse. Even though Cambodia, Laos and China border VN, they just don't want their currency. They want dollars.

I agree with you on Nha Trang, worth several days at least. Mui Ne, not so much. It just cannot compare for beach or swimming. No bay tour, diving or offshore islands either. Because there is no central beach like NT, you end up using the beach where you stay. Sand dunes are worth a few hours at most. I will be posting photos of each soon.

Being a pedestrian in either HCMC or HaNOi is an adventure. Just be thankful it is motorbikes coming at you rather than autos. If many VN citizens upscale from motos to cars, the streets will be gridlocked.

I am going to send you my thoughts on Cambodia in a PM.

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