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I used my 20 allowances through One World to the max by utilizing all direct flights. We depart July 23rd with all dates after that open. What's missing from the below is North Africa via boat (Spain) and Cairo to Helsinki is actually a ground segment via train through Eastern Europe using a two month flex EuRail pass. While in the UK we'll visit Ireland, Scotland, and France.

I look forward to your comments/suggestions. One thing to keep in mind is we can't go too far off the beaten path because we're working while on this trip. I run a few websites and I can't go more than 48 hours without high speed internet access. So no Safari in Kenya, trekking through the rain forest, etc.

1. Los Angeles -> London
2. London -> Barcelona
3. Barcelona -> Madrid
4. Madrid -> Cairo
5. Cairo -> Helsinki
6. Helsinki -> Hong Kong
7. Hong Kong -> Shanghai
8. Shanghai -> Tokyo
9. Tokyo -> Bangkok
10. Bangkok -> Singapore
11. Singapore -> Perth
12. Perth -> Cairns
13. Cairns -> Sydney
14. Sydney -> Queenstown
15. Queenstown -> Auckland
16. Auckland -> Santiago
17. Santiago -> Buenos Aires
18. Buenos Aires -> Sao Paulo
19. Sao Paulo -> Lima
20. Lima -> Los Angeles


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Perth, WA rocks!!! Try and get to Rottnest Island. It's a popular spot for the locals because it has great beaches, And if time allows for it, Margaret River for the wineries.

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Intersting KAH

I have been looking into teh One World tickets for our RTW to come. Just wondering, is the Aukland to Santiago an indirect flight through LAX? I thought from what i saw it was basically always through US connections?



PS, Perth is where i grew up, and hope you get to enjoy the city and some nice weather as well as making it down south where there are many a nice thing to see and not out of internet range!

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Hi Daniel,

The Aukland to Santiago flight is actually a direct route. It's important that if you decide on a One World ticket you try to book as many direct routes as possible. As you're probably aware you only get a certain number of allowances and each direct flight = 1. A flight with one connection uses 2 allowances and so forth.

FYI May 31, 2008 One World dropped the RTW ticket from 20 to 16 allowances. Still a great deal though when you consider most RTW tickets only include between 8-12 flights.

I suggest you go to the one world website and use the itinerary planner. It's a nice flash tool that will let you know which flights are feasible as direct routes. Just drag and drop on the city you want to visit and check out flight status. http://www.oneworld.com/ow/flight-info/itinerary-planner

I've heard great things about Perth!!! I'm extremely excited to visit the West Coast of Australia. Any must see 1-2 day trips from Perth?

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This just dawned on me when I read your post again. One very, very, very, important thing to note, is many flights are only direct on certain days.

For instance, now I recall Aukland to Santiago being a connecting flight except for one direct route on Saturdays. Obviously that's the flight I'm taking. The only reason I know this is because I used the planner and kept changing the days until I got a direct route. Best bet if you don't see a direct route is to change the departure to Fri/Sat/Sun flights where the airlines are busier and more likely to offer direct travel.

Use the itinerary planner. It's a life saver :)


Finally, I would book your One World in the States if possible. With the favorable exchange rates I believe you could save a ton of money!

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Ok KAH, that clears it up a bit. I have been on the One World site and had a look at a few things including the flash application, which is a good little tool for planning it out. I did have a look at flights from NZ to South America on that but obviously i didn't find the once per week flights that go direct. Given that i thought it was not possible to do the South America to NZ trip direct i was planning UK to SOuth America, then up to North America so taht i could do teh flight from there to NZ.

I have asked a couple of questions to the people on these boards about the One World tickets, and aharrold45 has given some useful points, i will add these to it also then. Aharrold said that it is very difficult to get a valid ticket with all the rules around the tickets. Did you need to go back and forth changing your flights and dates to finally get one that worked, or did you get it all planned on the flash program and then book it first time? How did you manage to book your ticket, did you get an agent to actually make the booking?

Im hoping that they dont drop the allowances even further over the next few years before i want to get mine, as 4 allowances being dropped is a bit of a dent in an itinerary.

When did you book your ticket, ie how far in advance? How locked into your dates are you likely to be, are you thinking that you will be shifting flights around much? What are the rules with doing that again? (i could go and look on the site, but a bit slack at the mo :) )

Cheers again for clearing up the direct flight thing, that means i could be a bit more flexible as to where i want to fly out from to get to NZ.