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Hi, my fiance and I are getting hitched on July 5th and then we are going on a round the world honeymoon. Nothing is set in stone. We aren't buying too many plane tickets ahead of time unless we have to. We would like the trip to be somewhat spontaneous so if we hear about cool places we can check them out or if we don't like a place, we just move on. Here is a rough idea, though, of where we think we are headed. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I can't believe it is all happening after a year and a half of saving and planning!

Fiji (1 week - proper honeymoon)
NZ (5 weeks)
Oz (5 weeks)

At this point, we'll fly (on a round trip ticket) from somewhere in Oz to India. My fiance is from India so we want to spend the Hindu holidays with his family and spend some time there.

India (20 weeks)
Oz (5 weeks)
Indonesia (2 weeks)
Malaysia (2 weeks)
Thailand (3 weeks)
Cambodia (1 week)
Vietnam - south (2 weeks)
Philippines (3 weeks)
Vietnam - north (2 weeks)
Laos (2 weeks)
China (4 weeks)
Mongolia (3 weeks) if we can get a multiple entry visa from china
China (2 weeks)
Nepal (2 weeks) - can we get from china to nepal?
Stop back in India for a week or 2 if possible to visit hubby's family
Egypt (2 weeks)
Israel (2 weeks)
Tanzania (4 weeks - including a week of safari - super expensive i know ;))
Zambia (1 week - not even - just want to see victoria falls)
South Africa (4 weeks - i don't know if we'll be able to afford to spend all this time in africa)
Morocco (3+ weeks)
Brazil (3 weeks)
Bolivia (3 weeks)
Chile (3 weeks)
Peru (3 weeks)
Ecuador (3 weeks)

If we have any money left and we aren't totally sick of traveling:
Panama (2 weeks)
Costa Rica (2 weeks)
Nicaragua (2 weeks)
Honduras (2 weeks)
Guatemala (2 weeks)
Mexico (2 to 4 weeks)
back to NYC

By the time we leave (in a little over 5 weeks!), we should have $60,000 USD saved. Is this a reasonable budget? We aren't fancy travelers. We would prefer our own bathroom whenever possible but we aren't above staying in a dorm room in a hostel now and then. And we are planning on renting a campervan in NZ. Our goal is to do overland travel as much as possible, but will fly when necessary.

Any ideas on the best way to get around OZ? How strict is Oz about having an outbound ticket in hand when you enter the country?

Thanks everyone for your feedback in advance.

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Hi ginnie817,

I did the New Zealand Camper Van trip several years ago and managed to do both islands in 30 days but it was a rush. I would recommend doing just one island and taking more time. We did over 6000 km in 30 days and it was tiring. We used a company called Tui ( http://www.tuicampers.co.nz/ ) who were great and we had no trouble with the van although it was a bit basic. The van had done over 150,000 km but was very reliable. My highlights were fox Galcier in the south Island and bay of Islands in the north island. If you like fantastic country side then the south island is a must.

Another suggestion for your tour is Sicily, Italy. I have just moved to sicily in an attempt to get away from the rat race in the uK and started my own travel company. If you fancy a visit to the gem of the Med during your trip have a look at our website. www.siciliangems.com

Hope you have a great wedding and the honeymoon is a fantastic experience.


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WOW, am I impressed! All I can say is "good for you!"

Have you thought of recording your trip for publication? Rarely does anyone attempt a trip like that, and people will pay good $ to see you in action. Be sure to take a few photography classes and get a decent camera.

I'm wondering why your itinerary shows you in and out of some countries (Vietnam and China) instead of just seeing them as a whole - will save you visa fees.

I hope you have kept up with all the low cost airfare schemes going on - Air Asia X for instance (service between KL and both E. and W. coasts of Oz), Jetstar in Oz, the new airlines in India, etc.

I know you have big BIG plans, but wouldn't it be safer to plan for only one area of the world instead of several (perhaps a circle trip of Asia from India to the ME to the FE and on to Oz and NZ and the S. Pacific islands?) - my brain can't hold all your plans!

4. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Australia is pretty strict with regards to proof of onward travel or proof of available funds when you are travelling on a tourist visa rather than a working one. If you were to just enter with no plans at all and little money then you'd almost certainly get sent packing. If you come with some plans of what you want to see, do etc in Australia and also a plan of where you want to go after Australia, you shouldn't have too many problems if you have some available funds to as proof you can fund your departure without having to work illegally. Whatever you do though, do not bring any fruit, vegetables, plant matter or wood products in to the country without declaring them on your entry form. Also if you plan on having over $10,000 Cash when you enter declare it or if you get caught they are allowed to confiscate the whole lot!

As for the best way to get around in Australia, well given you only have 5 weeks, unless you limit yourself to just the East Coast, you will need some flights on Jetstar or Virgin Blue along the way if you are to see much more than just the East Coast. In 5 weeks you could see the East Coast of Australia, but if you got a flight from Melbourne-Sydney (or vice versa) that would cut out a large area that is not really all that worthwhile seeing anyway and would allow you enough time to fly to Tasmania and see some of the nicest less over run places in Australia. After you spend 20 weeks in India you will most likely be sick to death of people and also sick to death of constant noise. You will probably be wanting to climb to the top of a mountain to get some fresh air and away from people. Tasmania will allow this in a safe and clean evironment.

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