RTW...planning it within 3 month...Am I being crazy??

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This is my first post so I'm sorry if this is s'pose to be posted somewhere else.

Me and my partner had enough of groundhogs day and decided to go and explore the world, I'm not sure if I'm trying to fit in too much in a short space of time (going for about 7 months) so ANY advice will be greatly appreciated...we have done alot of travelling before but this will be the first time we will be travelling to so many countries.

The itinerary is :

Manchester - Kenya

Kenya - Tanzania - Zambia & Malawi (maybe Botswana) Jo'burg and Cape Town (will travel down the continent, no flights) 2 months

Cape Town - Singapore

Singapore - Malaysia 3 weeks

Malaysia - Cambodia 2 weeks

Cambodia - Vietnam 2 weeks

Vietnam - Shanghai

Shanghai - Hong Kong week and half

Hong Kong - Sydney 1 month

Sydney - Auckland 1 month

Auckland - Fiji 1 week

Fiji - LA 1 week

LA - Manchester

I've started looking at flight prices and it's a little confusing...can you book directly with star alliance or one world or do you have to go through an agent?

Any views will be very useful. Thank you in advance!!!!

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Hi Divvy,

Wow what an itinerary! When I went on my RTW I found the best thing to do was buy round the world tickets. Mine were through Quantas although we booked them at STA Travel. You can buy an amount of stops and then you just set your itinerary. And for a small charge you can alter places and dates if you wish (I think thats right from memory - we actually changed a date and didn't get charged). My first piece of advice would actually be to go to STA and have a chat with someone - we found that really helped as we had a long list of places we wanted to see but couldn't really fit them all in, so this helped us work out our options properly.

I personally think 3 months is a fine length of time to plan your trip. It gives you time to research but also leaves you fairly open to be able to improvise while you're out there.
I think my second piece of advise would be to do some overland travel in the countries and fly out of a different airport to the one you arrived at , for example where you say into sydney, then leave a month later, maybe fly into sydney and out of cairns so you can travel up the coast. And the same for Auckland. With a month you could feasibly travel into Auckalnd and out of Christchurch,or vice versa. We travelled around new zealand in 5 weeks renting a car and got to see loads of scenery, plus car rental there is incredibly cheap.

Basically if I were you I would spend the first of your 3 months researching, then get your tickets booked, and then research some more. And enjoy - 7 months is a fantastic length of time, I'm very envious!

Hope this helps,


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Hi Pinkgirlie,

Thanks for the advice.

The plans have changed again...we want to see NZ and Australia in depth so we're going to cancel the asia trip...it also made the flights very expensive!

Will post the new plan once it's finalised!

Thanks again!