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Hi all!

I've been planning a trip to Brazil for two years, and am about ready to go--I just got a grant from my school.

I'm all over Kayak and other travel websites, but about the lowest I've been able to find on airfare to Brazil is ~$1000 US. I keep seeing ridiculously low prices to other destinations in SA, and was wondering if I should get one of these $300 flights to Peru, hang there for a little bit, and then get a flight from Peru to Brazil (I hear airfare is also cheaper when you buy in SA). Also, as it's Brazil's low season in the summer, I'm wary of buying a $1000-1200 plane ticket there when there could be some $600 ticket deal lurking right around the corner.

Though I'm primarily spending time in Brazil, I'd also like to check out Buenos Aires for up to a month. The Brazil consulate in Chicago needs a round trip ticket to issue me a visa; what if I want to fly into Buenos Aires, take a bus into Brazil, take a bus back, and ultimately fly home from Buenos Aires? Should I just got a United Airlines e-ticket, show it to the consulate, and get one of their 24 hour free refunds after they issue my visa? Should I get my Brazil visa in Argentina or somewhere else? The Brazil consulate seems to be a prickly bunch...

Anyone have any advice to make this a little simpler for me? I would much appreciate!

Thank you!


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Brazil has a reciprocity policy concerning tourist visa applications. You can expect the exact same treatment that Brazilians receive in your country. Well, maybe not THAT BAD... ;)

I think the consulate was serious when they said you would only have the visa with a round-trip ticket.

I am 100% sure that you will not enter the country if you try the e-ticket/refund thing. I saw something similar happenning more than once.

Check airfare from - they usually have good rates.

Have a nice trip!

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Dear Alec,
You dont need to bother issuing an etkt and getting it voided or refunded. The consulate should accept a confirmed reservation to prove that you will leave the country before 90 days. So go to a travel agency and ask them to book you on the dates you will probably get in and out of the county and since you are there check the CopaAirlines airfares to Brazil... are usually quite cheap.

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The brasilian consulatte seems to be a prickly bunch only because they apply the international law of reciprocity. If the US didn't demand brasilians to have a round trip ticket to get a tourist visa, Brasil wouldn't have to do it to. So thats how it is, if you want an easy way to get to our country you should work to facilitate the access to yours...

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The best Air fare for all South American countries from any where in the USA are cheapest if booked through! I had to pay 600 to get from lax to bogota. ouch! I would buy now before the new gas prices kick in! What ever said 300$ to peru was probably a lie! and will add at least $350 more in tax. If not, please tell me who it is and I will book some myself!! The Cheapest way to get to South America is through If you can fly from where ever you are. They only have limited routes! They have $575 fairs to Lima! and are opening more flights soon!


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I am getting my brazilian visa through an agent/agency ..they will charge me 50$,I just had to give them a print out of my itenerary and not the actual tickets.