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How much money (£) do you need per day in Australia and NZ??

Travel Forums Round the World Travel How much money (£) do you need per day in Australia and NZ??

1. Posted by AdiSmudge (Budding Member 3 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!


We (me and my partner) are trying to get a rough budget for Oz and NZ part of our trip. We are planning to stay in Oz for 2 months, travel up the east coast and would like to do majority of things such as diving in the reef, sky diving, boat trip at whitsundays etc. We are planning to say in NZ for 1 month. We do not plan to work when out there so it's vital we have enough money

We will be staying at cheap hostel/private dorms and will be eating as cheap as possible.

Would really appreciate any advice off people who have an idea of cost of living for the 2 countries.

Also what is the rough cost of hiring a camper van in Oz?

Any advice or info will be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance


2. Posted by travel57 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I went to Oz and NZ last year and found Oz quite expensive to live. We had private dorms too and these were generally around £16 per night. The hostels are really nice also in NZ.

In NZ we got YHA member cards and these got us good discounts on the YHA hostels.

I would compare Oz to UK prices in that food can be quite expensive. We had Subway a lot but you can cook for cheaply at the hostels as they have good cooking facilities. Whitsundays are amazing - do that, go to White Haven Beach. On the reef jelly fish season starts early november so try and get there before that if you can.

If camper van doesn't work out, then use the greyhound. Coaches are nice and the clientel are not like the US greyhound riders.

3. Posted by Jacaranda (Budding Member 61 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

It depends if you cheap go accomodation maybe £10 pound a day if you really scrap the barrel, i'd stil budget for £20 at the least.

The east coast is expensive basically the higher you go the more touristy it becomes and them more you will pay. If you stay inland a little bit it'll probably reduce your cost a bit.

As for camper vans i'm unsureof cost, but another idea is a buying a cheap station wagon and chucking a matress in the back what you save on accomdation you spend on fuel. You should be able to get a desecnt car for around £250-500 with enough regostration to last the short time your there. Otherwise check out ''Wicked Vans'' google it and i think there a pretty cheap option for the hirer vans. You can always have a wash in the ocean it's a good thing and another cost saver.

Give camping a bit of thought as well you can get a cheapo tent maybe £15 or less when you arrive. There are some campsites really close to the beaches along the way better views and alot cheaper than a hostel. They genereally have barbies (BBQ) and showers and all the other bits and peices you need and are quit clean just remember to take your thongs (not the dental floss for your bum crack but flip flops).

in all honesty i've managed to go for a month on about £120. but sleeping rough and hitch hiking not on the east cost and eating cheap.

As for the sky diving and diving on the reef there are plenty of companies in battle against each other. do it sky diving might be best done in NZ as the cost will be slighty cheaper and they am at the ''extreme'' sports crowd over there a
just look on the net for the prices of these and you might find a cheaperon when you arrive.

budget for £500-£800 and you should be fine i might even be being over zealous with that. I'd book the flight for NZ when you arrive it'll there's plenty of cheap ones going.

Anyway save travels mate

4. Posted by MaCe (Budding Member 16 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hi. I have to say we didnt pay more than $20 dollars a night, and that was all from Sydney to Ciarns. But we didnt stay much in hostels. Rented a stationwagon for a month, and I think we paid about $75 a day,devided to 2(we were 2 girls) took us all the way from Brisbane to Cairns,we saved money by sleeping in the car.

Food and drinks(includes a night out,minus entrance to some clubs) maybe about $40.

Hope it helps!