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Best August destinations?


I have to choose between a few August destinations and I can't decide. I'm flying out of Stockholm and my choices are:

1) Dublin, and a tour of Ireland
2) Croatian coast in August
3) Belgrade and Serbia
4) Bulgarian Black sea coast
5) Turkey

I arrive in the beginning of August, and I know that's prime tourist season so I guess what I'm asking is:

in August,

1) which place will be the least touristy?
2) which place has the lowest prices?
3) which place has the best TEFL market (teaching English for a couple months)
4) which place has the best combination of natural scenary, local cuisine, and friendly people.

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The only one I can comment on is Dublin and Ireland. In August you will not be guaranteed good weather so camping to keep costs low will not always be an option so you may be dependent on hostels and hotels, Ireland will not be the cheapest option !! As English is the main language spoken you will find it extremely difficult to find a teaching job but you might be able to get pub or restaurant work........

but Ireland does win on friendly people, good naturaly wild scenery with plenty of places with short and long hikes to see something off the beaten track, there is also a wealth of history if you like old buildings, castles, museums,

on the food side - well with so many international visitors the food has become better over the years offering a variety of choices, if you want to stay traditional it will be meat and veg (potatoes, carrots, peas), or fish (well it is an island !!)

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I agree with Rraven - choose Dublin and travel Ireland or other option from my opinion and experience to fullfil what you are looking for travel Scotland ;)

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Well, to go through your request list for Croatia:

1) which place will be the least touristy?

Croatian coast in August is packed with tourists (not that I'm complaining), although there're stray corners with few(er) people. It does have its charm, and it really depends on how stretchable your definition of "touristy" is. Crowded - yes, but also very beautiful and "alive" in a way it's not out of tourist season.

2) which place has the lowest prices?

See number 1. August is High Season, meaning high prices. Maybe not everywhere, and one can always find something affordable, but definitely more expensive than during the pre- and post- tourist season months. The prices of food, clothes, services and such remain the same, it's the accommodation that goes into higher price range.
But like I've said, with some luck you can always find something for your pocket (especially if you're into camping).
A bit of a warning, though: lots of hotels and (especially) private accommodation get booked by the end of June.

3) which place has the best TEFL market (teaching English for a couple months)

Hm, not sure about this one, but probably in Zagreb and other bigger cities, like Rijeka, Split, etc. I really don't know how such things are organized.

4) which place has the best combination of natural scenary, local cuisine, and friendly people.

Eh, this is where Croatia comes in :) Of course, tourists are trekking/hiking/biking/driving over natural and cultural attractions, restaurants and caffes. On the other hand, due to the weather and the fact that it's The tourist season, it's easier to go around and see things (more transportation options, more sights opened to public, more guided tours, more restaurants and such opened, etc...)

Just as a side note, Zagreb is practically deserted city in August - all natives go southward (some tourists come in, but it's nowhere near like at the seaside). I know, a bit off the coast, but it might be the TEFL market you're looking for.


Good luck!

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My opinion for the best Place for teaching and spending cheap a good time is the Bulgarian black sea coast. Its a desenvolving Part of the EU, the people are really intersted in learn, the prices are cheap and the bulgarians are Very friendly. Ireland is Great but if you want to earn your money by teaching english so its the wrong place. The people do speak english there ;)

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Of course, its my personal opinion , but if i I would be you - i will choose Dublin & Ireland.
Well, it's not the cheapest, u have nothing to do there with teaching English but it definatelly will be less crowded then other destinations you mentioned. And it's beautiful and green and lovely.

All Europe is packed in August, especially the sea cost (everywhere)

Bulgaria is inexpensive but Black sea coast is .. mmm.. just nice, not more.
Bulgaria is an interesting country , and while you getting deeper into the country - you enjoy it much more.
It's possible to make a great trip and have real adventure if you turn into the land.
Bulgarian food is very basic and very cheap. Transport is kind of ok. People are nice, not very communicative , but friendly. All signs are in Bulgarian (not latin language). Sofia is boring and gray.

Turkey is amazing n very big! nature there is much more attractive then Bulgarian coast. will be packed and probably VERY hot in August. Food is not bad, with Mediterranean "touch", kebab with Yogurt, green salads, eastern sweets. Prices in Turkey already are not that cheap as it was in the past, actually Turkey begins to be almost at European level (about prices)

Croatia - packed! packed! packed!

About Belgrad & Serbia i dont know anything.