Best tickets for florida theme parks..... any ideas....????

Travel Forums North America Best tickets for florida theme parks..... any ideas....????

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Hi guys,
We've booked to go to Orlando in August this year for 13 nights and wondered what Theme park tickets we should buy before we go... there's loads of options on line which is just too confusing.... There's 2 adult and a nine year old child and we're staying at the residence inn seaworld marriott and would like to see the best attractions orlando has to offer but i'd hate spend too much on a crazy flex/ultimate/mega/hopper ticket that we'll never get full use of......Its gonna cost me nearly £900 for these types of tickets which will put a huge dent in our spends.
anyone any ideas or recommendations or anything we should'nt miss....
thanks guys.

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Really, you're gonna have to sit down and figure out what you want to see before you start thinking about which tickets to get. There is waaaay too much stuff to see and do in the Orlando area to try and fit it all in just one week. Disney World alone would take longer than that. What sort of things does your family enjoy? Water parks, dinner shows, educational stuff, theme park rides? Tell me a little more about what you are interested in seeing or at least what your interests are and maybe I can help point you in the right direction.

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Well were going for 13 days and just want to experience the most memorable places around orlando... we'll have a car as well so we can get around ok.....we want to do the best parks with the best rides and swim with the dolphins so seaworld is a definate... also wanna sea univerasal studios,magic kingdom and animal kingdom but i would'nt want to spend too much on crazy unlimited park tickets if we're not gonna get time to take advantage of them.Things like downtown disney and the universal boardwalk i've never heard of...!
I really don't

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Hi Dannyboy,

I just got back from my honeymoon and part of it was spending a week in Orlando - it was more than enought time! My feet felt like they were going to fall off!! This is what we did:

Day One Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
Day Two Universal Studios
Day Three Off
Day Four Disney Animal Kingdom
Day Five Disney Magic Kingdom
Day Six Disney Hollywood Studios

We bought two day two park ticket for Universal - its really not that big and we waited max 5 mins per ride! Universal Citywalk is included and is where the restaurants and bars are for the evening. Margaritaville is a must!!

We bought four day pass for disney - not hopper - but were so exhausted after Universal we skipped a day then got our pass amended at Animal Kingdom and got a full refund for the day we missed. We didn't go to Disney Downtown cos our free shuttle bus from our hotel left too early but if you have a car go check it out - its again included.

A day in each park is more than enough but leave more time to do water parks etc.

You don't need a hopper pass - the length of time each park is open is perfect to get around plus do your favourites again.

Hope this helps!

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If you can pay just a few bucks more and get the 4 day Disney pass, I'd do that and spend the 4th day at Epcot. It's like taking a world tour in one day (you visit their versions of Mexico, China, Germany, Norway, Italy, England, Japan, Morocco, France, and Canada all in one day in the back section--plus they have some futuristic rides in the front section.

As soon as you enter, book one of the restaurants in one of the "foreign lands" (I suggest France or Italy or Morocco), and then arrange your time to arrive at that "land" close to the dinner hour.


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