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This is a strange question, but my friend and I have been debating it.
I don't think that there is anyway in this airplane loving age to get to Australia with out flying. My friend however thinks that there must be some kind of ship going there . I agree that there must be cargo ships but it's not really possible to hitch a ride on one!

Anyway just wondering if anyone has any ideas if it is at all possible to get to Australia (from uk)without flying so that we can give up this debate!
Tiger x

2. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

There are a couple of ways:

1. Cargo ships. I believe that you can travel for very little money on these ships. They take a long time, and there are no luxuries of course, but I often see it advertised as the poor man's method of travel.

2. I'm certain that there are cruise ships that travel from Australia to the UK via places in Asia. These might be once-a-year cruises or whatever, but again, I see them advertised every so often.

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i saw on one travel programme once, a couple who travelled on the siberian express from moscow to Beijing then they got trains, boats, buses down thru asia and made there way to Bali, from Bali you can get a boat to Darwin Australia and then they made there tour round oz from Darwin.

It wld take a long time to get there, but you would see europe and asia first and a lot of differnt peole/cultures, probally more expensive than flying too , but hey what an adventure that would be.

hope that helped solve your discussion.