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Hi there,

I've already been looking into loads where and what to do in New Zealand so now we are just finalising transport. There are three of us doing it for a month and we think it would be awesome to hire a campervan instead of going by bus and paying for hostels.

As there is three of us we thought about using the 4-berth van from Backpacker campervans, has anybody else used them and had any issues? I think the main thing we were concerned with after reading some posts was driving the beast around some of the roads esp in the south island.

I'm not sure what the weather is like in Sept, but apparently it's coming out of the winter sesions, hence less ice on the roads. I'm guessing if Magic/Kiwi experience can drive round these roads, a campervan shouldn't have any issues.

Has anyone got any advice or can share their experiences?



2. Posted by JamieSmith (Budding Member 21 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Any one????

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i've never used backpacker campervans, but i have used spaceships, they're smaller but they do have vans which have two double beds (if you get the one with a "pod" on the roof)

they're great fun and even have dvd players!

happy camping

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Hey, I used the Spaceships too, there were four of us in the car, we travelled for three weeks, but I gotta tell ya it was pretty squashed! Also whoever sleeps up in the pod gets frozen cos it's more or less like sleeping in a tent! Good cars though and really easy to drive cos they're so compact. Also we got them for really cheap cos it was winter when we were there (July) If I was you, I wouldn't book anything til you get there cos there will probably be better deals in hostels and in the agents themselves as it will still be low season there then. Also don't worry about the roads, they're all fine, and we had really dodgy weather, actually got snowed in in Queensland, but navigated the roads grand! Good luck!

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Hi there,

I'm currently living in an Explore More campervan with my finace. We've had nights where the inside of the windscreen is iced over, but it's never been so cold that we can't sleep :) We had a couple of teething problems with our first van, but they were great at sorting it out for us. From chatting to other travellers, recommendd companies seem to be Explore More, Jucy, Apollo, BackPacker or Britz....from there, it depends on your budget, and your pick up/drop off destination as to which suits you best :)

Hope this helps, feel free to send more questions :)
Magoo x

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Hi there, as it is september when you intend to travel around New Zealand - lovely country - and the prices for campervan hire are off peak I would really recommend you hire a bigger campervan that has a gas heater and lots of space. Plus the bigger ones always have a shower and toilet where the smaller ones do not.

I hired a campervan from Kiwi Campers - - last winter and it was excellant. We just had the heater on all night - even when we freedom camped - and it was coozy. We only paid like NZ$100 per day for the big one when I think the small one was like $50. Not too much more.

Have a good trip around NZ and also, I would email all the companies that offer vehicles you want and you should be able to get a price cheaper than advertised online. I told Kiwi that Britz could do it for cheaper than them so Kiwi dropped their rates. :)

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