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I have two weeks to absorb Japan.first time.:) wanting to experiance tokyo osaka kyoto mt fuji. Any hints or tips.

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Hey!! I went to Japan last year for two weeks the country is AMAZING!
I flew into Tokyo then on to Osaka. Osaka city is brill, you cound spend weeks just walking around there. Loads of things to do and food to try

I also went to the sounth island, i think it was call (excuse spelling) Okinawi. If you get the chance go! I went with some Japanese people, and the locals said the'd never seen a foreigner come out so far. The drive was about six hours from osaka but was worth it for the views and experience.

Finally wondered aroung Tokyo for three days before I came home. It was kinda hard to get around cos the subways are all in japanese and theres hundreds of lines. Great place though. Nice peole you'll love it!:)

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Hi there,
Japan is superb. The friendliest and most fascinating people on the planet.
You MUST stay in a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese guest house. Not many are open to foreigners, but try www.sawanoya.com in the NE suburbs of Tokyo. Fantastic. Good facilities and reasonable prices, bearing in mind that Tokyo is the most expensive place on earth!

Don't be fazed by the subways. Just don't go in rush hour, carry loads of coins for the ticket machines (+ drinks - try 'Pocari Sweat')
and remember that the maps they put up in the stations may well be upside-down (ie, 'Up' is not necessarily North)!

I felt it a must to go to Hiroshima. It's an hour's flight, or a couple on the Shinkansen (bullet train). The Peace Museum is awesome. You will learn a lot and come away with a new (or reinforced) perspective on life.
I can recommend the Shirau me So Ryokan in Hiroshima, but they speak no English. Adds to the fun!

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definitely buy a rail pass, when i went 4 years ago we bought a pass for 1 week and used it heaps to travel the whole way up Japan!

But you must buy it from your own country, you cant buy it in Japan once you are there.

omedetou gozaimasu!!

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I spend 3 weeks in Japan last year and the country is truly amazing. It's really worthwhile to buy a JR pass if you plan to travel the country extensively by train. With the shinkansen, it really save you a lot of time travelling from one city to another. Kyoto is definitely is place you should visit, it is so beautiful! You can stay at the Kawaguchiko area to see Mt Fuji. If you have time, you should also visit Hiroshima, Yokohama, Nara and Miyajima.