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Hey all,

My wife and I are booked to fly into San Fran on the 29th Sept and are flying out of LA on the 29 Oct. What I was hoping for was some advice with placesto go and see that I have nominated.

We have been to America before and did the West Coast but now want to try the East Coast. We thought that we might spend 2-3 days in San Fran then maybe go to somewhere like Denver (is that near mountains and snow?? or is Salt Lake City better??) then probably to Chicago, Boston, NYC, Washington DC, then back to LA and maybe a cruise or day trip to Tijuana.

Obviously we want to go to Niagara Falls but is that best to go from Boston or NYC and is it best to drive or fly?

I think we have allowed for 7 days in NYC and 2-3 days for all other places. I believe that its Autumn of Fall as you guys call it at that time. Is that cold or cool? In Brisbane anything below 18C is considered cool and 15C as cold.

I am flexible with times spent in each place and was just hoping for any opinions on this trip.


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Both Denver and Salt Lake City get snow, but neither of them get it in October--more like in late November through mid-March.

Niagara Falls is actually much closer to Toronto, Canada (about a 3 to 4 hour drive) than it is to either Boston or New York City. Toronto is Canada's largest city.

Autumn is considered cool (about 18 to 21 C for the highs--although it gets cold at night--like 5 to 9 C in the mountains or in the Northeast and it will be warmer during the start of the month and get progressively cooler as the month progresses). One of the most beautiful areas of the country during this period would be the "New England" area, which extends from just north of New York up past Boston and into Maine. The leaves on the trees turn a magnificent bright panorama of reds, oranges, and yellows--and you'll see entire hills and mountains all this color in the New England area. Here's an example:


I'll leave it to people who live in the New England area to suggest a nice route to take to see typical sights like this.


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October is ideal for weather in most of this country. Really doubt if you'd care for Chicago unless you're a city lover - so many other better places. Wisconsin is very nice if you could rent a car and explore. You'll love Boston and there I'd also rent a car and explore New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine (lobster heaven). New York is fascinating if you're rich! hell if you're poor! - see the ethnic neighborhoods in Brooklyn. DC is very nice - also rent a car and explore historical sites in Virginia - don't miss Colonial Williamsburg (one of the nicest places on the E. Coast and 2-3 hours south of DC). Now as for Denver, the city is nothing compared to the mountain towns nearby such as Aspen, Steamboat and ski areas. I recommend Enterprise Rent-a-car - excellent prices and they have hybrids, but not for long distance use - beware of the dreaded drop charges on one-way rentals.

enjoy America!

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Thanks for the replies. I am thinking of maybe skipping Denver (I was thinking of going to Aspen and not sure how close that is to there, because there won't be any snow there. Wife has not seen snow yet). Have to keep Chicago as the wife is keen to go to where all the TV shows ie. Oprah, Jerry Springer etc. are made.

Might take more time on Boston then if it close to these other places like Vermont and Newhampshire etc. to do day trips in the car - and to have some lobster.

Would anyone suggest to the upper Northwest part of the trip ie. NY and Boston be done later in the Month so it will be cool/cold (for us). We want to do some tours and don't want to miss out on Niagara (Maid of the Mist) if it is too cold.

Thanks for the help so far.

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The maid of the mist closes near the end of october.....october will have a lot less people in niagara falls so that will be better to see it....i recommend if your renting a car to drive along the parkway and go to Niagara-On-the-Lake....you should visit if your going to be in the area.
weather wise...it can be cold in october but sometimes its nice weather (not swimming or t shirt and shorts weather) Last october i was in niagara from the 25th to november 8th and the weather was cold, but if you dress well you won't have a problem.
Niagara and all of ontario and quebec especially get really beautiful fall colours....i would recommend quebec for a fall tour. Montreal & quebec city are both really pretty cities and unique in N.A
Hope this helps

P.s. i lived in Niagara falls for a number of years so if you have any questions!


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Hey all back again,

I now have a better idea of dates etc. of where I will be. I get into Boston on the 4th of October and have 4 days accomodation there. I then have 1-2 days spare to check out the New England area which I am planning on a fall foliage drive around. I fly out on the morning of the 10th. I did want to try some lobster in Maine somewhere I believe I heard it was good (is it the season for that?).

I also have 7 days in New York.

The question is do I use any of the days in Boston to drive up to Niagara and check it out or do I use some of the time from New York to do a tour?

All help would be appreciated.

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Things to know if your wife (and you) are interested in attending the Springer and/or Oprah tapings:

The Jerry Springer Show does their taping August through May & Monday - Wednesday only. No taping Thursday - Sunday nor on major holidays. Tickets are free but should be ordered in advance. It is not necessary to specify a particular date when ordering. Ticket holders are (obviously) admitted before those who just show up hoping to get in as the show rarely has seats left for those without advanced tickets. Ticket orders are accepted by snail mail, e-mail and telephone. Audience members must be at least 18 years of age and show a photo ID upon entry.

Tickets for Oprah will be much more difficult to obtain. Reservations are taken almost exclusively via telephone though a few last minute reservations can be arranged via e-mail. The show is taped August - November & January - May. There is no taping on weekends and the schedule varies from week to week. (She's very busy, you know...) There are links to pages about cancellations and what reservation holders need to know. Basically, the information contains the dress code, taping times, identification requirements and a few other gems. As with the Springer show - at least age 18 with photo ID.

As for the weather in Chicago in October - it should be quite nice. Temperatures will range between 18-24C with lows around 10-16C. The 18th Annual Country Music Festival will be held October 11-12 at Soldier Field. Admission is free.

The ChooseChicago and ChicagoTraveler sites have quite a bit of information about attractions, activities, festivals, restaurants and more.

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One of the best kept secrets about San Francisco is that October is the ideal weather month to visit. Great weather and almost no tourists. The locals don't want you to know this, but plan on at least a couple of days in the Bay Area.

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