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Best place to get a suit in bangkok?

Travel Forums Asia Best place to get a suit in bangkok?

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1. Posted by Freesurfer (Budding Member 26 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!


Best place to get a good quality (but good price) suit made in bangkok?

Also, will be heading there at the start of my trip....anyone be able to send one home? Is this reilable?


2. Posted by si403 (Full Member 130 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I can't really give any advice but I know that just about any man in Bangkok is able to get you a suit, buy one get two free!!! (if there's 3 of you walking past him). It's brilliant, they think every Westerner wants a suit.

Useful knowledge (debatable) I can give, is from a guy who wasn't trying to sell us anything (he was laying in a tuk tuk next to ours when we were wating for our driver), is that all the materials they use are from the same factories and materials as the ones that Hugo Boss etc uses, so they should be of a good quality, but trying to find out who cuts the best one will be difficult unless some people have bought a number of suits. Every man in Bangkok will find you the best suit lol.

3. Posted by gwelty (Full Member 83 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!


I've spent hours and hours researching how to get an excellent quality suit in BKK. And then I went and did it firsthand. I went to 5-6 different places and gauged their prices, quality, fashionability, and shadiness (an important piece of criteria for suits in BKK). I also bought suits from two different places to compare quality.

Pricing: As a foreigner, you are going to pay near $100 USD for your average suit.

Quality: Now, if you want top-of-the-line fabric, expect to pay much more. For instance, Bulgari-sponsored fabric will cost you 10,000 baht ($300) per suit. A hi-twist wool suit or silk blend will cost much more than something lower in fabric quality.

Fashionability: Not all suits are made equally. Some tailors don't have experience with newer fashion design cuts. Remember the Daniel Craig's suit from "007 Casino Royale"? The suit is tapered at the waist. This is called an "Armani" style cut. Compare that to your father's suit and you'll see how dramatically different a suit can be cut. If you are on the Sukhumvit, you'll probably be able to find tailors that are familiar with that cut, but if you stroll down a lesser-known soi, be prepared with pictures of what you'd like the suit to look like.

Shadiness: The tuk-tuk drivers in BKK work for shoddy pay, and have to refill their gas tanks. In order to compensate, deals are struck with jewelry dealers and suit stores. If you (the unwitting passenger) visit a store and buy something, the driver gets either a gas voucher or some obscure percentage. Now although these suit stores and the jewelry are good quality, it is not worth the unpleasant feeling you experience, as the salespeople coax you to buy something. For instance, Voglee Fashion makes high quality suits, but charge $300 per suit and will leave you with a great deal of buyers remorse.

Tailors abound, and if you aren't clear on EXACTLY what you are looking for before you go in, you can easily get disappointed or worse, jaded. My suggestion: Research on EXACTLY what type of suit you are looking to buy, how it should be cut, and what you are willing to pay. This way, you don't get caught with your pants down, so to speak. I'll post a "how-to" for choosing a suit later.

Now, a place I would recommend you to buy a suit at would be Platinum Fashions in Bangkok. The owner's goes by "Uncle Leo" (if I remember correctly). He wasn't interested in simply taking my money, but was a principled, business professional. 87 Nailert Building Sukhumvit rd Soi 3-5.

Hope this helps.

4. Posted by nicolson (Budding Member 42 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I know this is old but once again, I must reiterate on this that many MANY tailors in bangkok are basically scam artists. The one mentioned above VOGLEE is one big one. Take a look at tthe website mentioned above, or here it is again:

This will explain entirely how this whole scam system works. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT fall for this scam or you will land up with a crap suit, or no suit at all. Not worth a penny.

For tailors that are on the high end and have a reputation to protect, I would recommend either visiting:

1. Crown Tailors (where I got my suits made and since then have re-ordered shirts regularly)
2. Rajawongse (although they have been getting a little bad reviews of late, but because of its long standing reputation, I'd still pay them a visit to see what they're like)
3. Rajas Fashion (again, another long serving tailor)

5. Posted by Swept Away (Travel Guru 1116 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

"god made you a man, we make you a gentlemen"- that from MBK mall... A TAILORING SHOP I Saw tonight.

6. Posted by David ploo (Budding Member 4 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Bangkok has an absolute army of tailors, and the city is rightly famed for being able to stitch-up top quality suits, at bottom dollar prices. The best Bangkok tailors range from backstreet dives to fine boutiques in five-star hotels.

After staying over 5 years in Bangkok few tips for visiting Bangkok tailors would be:-

Don't fall for cheap packages or special deals advertised in glossy brochures advertising a suit, a pair of trousers and two shirts for, say, US$ 95. Chances are good you'll end up paying much more than what you wanted to and having to settle for inferior quality if that is available for the price. Avoid the advertement at the airlines . I once fell into this trap.

If you don't know where to go, your hotel should be able to give you a few pointers. Many of the bigger hotels also have a reliable, good quality service on the premises for tailor-made clothing.

To save time and energy, and if you have a specific design in mind, make sure you arrive at the tailor's equipped with something for them to copy.
Unless you really don't have anything to wear or are pressed for time, the ready-in-24-hours option should be avoided. Bear in mind that proper tailoring does require time and patience to ensure desirable results.
Expect at least two to three fittings (the first to take your measurements, and one or two fitting sessions) to get your suit looking just the way you want it.

Excelsior being famous amongst my work people so i usually get suits done there.The shop is hidden somewhere in a busy road near patpong market.
They may not receive the publicity of some of its more PR driven competitors, but they remain a firm favorite amongst the Bangkok expats and locals alike. The Bangkok expats are a demanding lot and will easily take their money elsewhere, the fact that so many choose to keep their custom with Excel is testament to the reliable and consistent service they offer.
When in Bangkok keep them in mind

7. Posted by figurine (Budding Member 16 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I heard today that Hoi An is really good for suits as well, anyone know anything about this?

8. Posted by paul j (Respected Member 217 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hoi an is the place to go for suits if your gonna be in that area .. Tailer shops everywhere , really cheap too .
Infact its very well known in asia for clothing .

9. Posted by HaadRinGuide (Travel Guru 550 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

My mate bought a suit in Bangkok last year and got it sent back to his home address but it never turned up. I went with him when he went back to the shop and I have to say they didn't fill me with confidence. They seemed more concerned with trying to sell him another suit than in trying to sort it out for him. In the end they looked into it but at first it seemed to me that they were just trying to fob him off. Anyway, I've never asked him if it eventually turned up the second time but all I would say is if you're buying a suit in Bangkok get it given to you in your hand and if needs be post it home yourself so that you can be certain that it's been posted and also that it's been sent to the correct address.

Other than the delivery problem though, the actual buying of a suit in Bangkok is probably a good idea provided you look into it properly, as there are so many tailors that i would presume the competition must keep prices competitive.

10. Posted by LoveH (Budding Member 2 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

In Siam Square area, you can find a good deal and trendy tailor-made suit along the shopping street. Have a look cause now I heard that they are reducing price.