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1. Posted by nola (Budding Member 27 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

well it looks like new orleans has dodged the bullet with ivan.
they have know for 30 years or more that a cat. 5 storm would cover nola in 20 feet in water and end the town.

what can the city do against this possabilty? what about next time?

anyone here know anything about this? i was reading this yesterday.

linked from

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Thanks for the link to that website. Yeah, this is what officials have been saying for years now. We've been soooo lucky. If you've watched the recent news and photos from Florida and Alabama, you've seen the destruction...the main difference is that a worst-case scenario in New Orleans is that the water won't drain off quickly because of the levees that are there to "protect" us. Plus, we are a much larger urban area where mandatory evacuation is nearly impossible...too many poor people who don't have cars or financial means to escape.
Ivan was heading directly to New Orleans and I'm not a poor person, but I do have a 10-year-old Toyota and two big dogs, that made it difficult to evacuate. The traffic from Tuesday through Wednesday was gridlock and all hotel rooms were booked as far north as Memphis and as far west as Houston. It was a decision on my part - potentially die in my home, or die like a trapped animal on the side of some road. Others may differ, but I preferred to risk having to cling to my roof for dear life than endure unknown hazards on unfamiliar roads.
As it was, New Orleans was spared this time. We are grateful and sympathetic, and, as we speak, all kinds of food, supplies, volunteers and utility trucks are on their way from Louisiana to the Alabama-Florida Gulf Coast.

3. Posted by nola (Budding Member 27 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

here in tennessee we were praying for new orleans, and all the folks down there. you have read my posts on nola , so you know how much i love that town and the people in it.

on tuesday when i got home from work, and saw the headline " ivan heading for new orleans" my heart sunk, because i knew what it meant.

so i'm glad to hear from ya! i'm glad your alright

and no joke i was telling everyone i knew to pray for y'all and i'm not a prayin man.

from those of us up here on rocky top, god bless.