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Hey all,

Just wondering, I know it's winter and it's dark and it's gloomy, but what's with Perth?! Is there anything at all to do / see here during the week or at the weekends? I'm here for two months working to get money to travel up the coast, but all I seem to do every evening is come home, watch tv, go to bed, get up, same thing all over again! I've come from Melbourne where there's a million things to do / see all the time, so it's a bit of a culture shock, but just wondering if anyone had some suggestions for fun stuff to do?!

Thanks a million guys!

Emily xxx

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Interesting post, as I'm starting my travels in Perth in two days time! My plan was to work there for a couple of months and then head up the coast but I guess if it isn't all its cracked up to be I can always move on earlier. Where are you based Emily? I'm planning on giving Perth centre a go first of all, try and find a job then have a look at Fremantle and Scarboro. I'm sure it beats the UK anyway that's for sure!


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This was my plan also slightly worried that this place may be boring . It looks good and gets loads of thumbs up from people who I have spoken to

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Hey guys, don't let me put you off coming, don't get me wrong, it's a nice place, and there's quite a few nice weekender trips to do, it's just that cos it's winter there doesn't seem to be anyone around! I'm living in Fremantle which I prefer to the city, and it's got regular trains. Scarborough only has buses and is also pretty quiet about now. But yep Paul you're right, if you're coming from the UK, you'll definitely love it regardless!!

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Perth isn't too bad a place, mind you, I only visited, but on the whole I reckon Perth's not a bad place. In September/October there's the wildflower festival and King's Park has a beaut display there. The Swan River and the Swan bells are good. I took a cruise the afternoon one was good, cos you get tea/coffe and bickies on the way to Freo and wine tsting on the way back. I found the blokes put more in your glass than the women did btw. The Perth mint is good you can see the gold pouring display. I liked the idea of the free city cats (buses) and I loved LOndon Court. Geeze it was just so good you know? All the old-fashioned shop fronts, the suits of armour, and the"Ye Olde English Lollie Shoppe" had a varied range of old fashioned boiled sweets, chockies and other stuff.

Also, over here in Melbs we call Perth "The Paris of the west."

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the only fun i had in perth (i was there in late oct) was hanging out with the other backpackers there.
perth is only good if you have a yacht or know someone who does.
but i have heard rumours of people having fun there.
sorry if i tick anyone from perth off.

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I have lived in Perth a lil over a year and you are dead right the place is boring as hell. There is good reason why it's called a Dullsville. Summer is ok especially cause I live at the beach in Cottesloe, you can't go for a swim after work in London where I lived for 7 years, but saying Perth is always better than the UK.....wrong. Can't wait for Christmas and moving to Sydney at least there is some life there, this city is so dead and super expensive!!!! If you stay with other backpackers you can organise your own fun, but local people are very clicky, friendly have to say, but they've known each other for a lifetime and you are an outsider....Sorry.
They even hired a person to see what is wrong, why it's Dullsville. Apparently Melbourne has made the best out of a bad situation (weather, landscape etc) Perth had it all the weather, gorgeous beaches, good landscape for building etc, but they made worst out of good situation and it won't change until those old people move on from high positions, cause they are quite happy with the way things are....
SORRY everybody

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I love Perth, true, theres not a lot to do here activity wise, but its a great place to live. I'm surrounded by nice parks to take the dog for a walk in. Its a more layed back lifestyle than Melbourne. Plenty of short trips out of town you can do on the weekends too.

Summer is the best time to be here, awsome beaches :)