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I have just realised that the legendary Oktoberfest lies slap bang in the middle of my interrail trip around Europe. I was planning on visiting Germany anyway and was wondering if it would be worth heading for Munich whilst it is on? Is it really as good as all of the legends? is it really expensive? i dont have much spare budget to play with... any experience you can share with me would be great.

Thanks, Doug

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Some Germans love it, others hate it.
If you like drinking beer - go there!
If you like crowds of people - go there!
If you like rollercoasters - go there!

Concerning the costs: Is it as expensive as you like spending money: Beer (1 litre) about 8 Euro.

You should see Munich, if you donĀ“t like Oktoberfest just go to visit other places there!


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The question is not whether you should go, but whether you'll be able to. Most hostels in Munich have been booked solid for over 9 Months now and those who still got space charge an arm and a leg. Even hostels in cities like Salzburg, Passau and Nuremberg (all 2 hours by train away) are often booked solid during this time as people who intend to visit Octoberfest stay there and then take the train to Munich.

Start looking for a place to stay now, and then you can still decide whether to hit Munich during Octoberfest or not.

BTW, an alternative to the Octoberfest is the Cannstadter Wasen, held in Stuttgart at the same time.

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hey doug
yeah man you gotta go to the oktoberfest (wiesn).Especially if your already travelling round Europe.You'll regret it if you don't.
It'll cost you but will be well worth it.As for accommodation,it'll be pretty hard to find but there are campsites set up for
for it too,one i know is called WIES'N-CAMP its at Riem in the old olympic horse stadium,take the s-bahn s-6 to get there.
theres also another campsite at Thalkirchen too u-bahn u-3.If your travelling with friends tents will be even cheaper,check out the sites below and remember to drink everytime you here EIN PROSIT.
good luck and saufen!


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Thanks for your help guys! Much appreciated

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Stay in nearby towns, Augsburg maybe. I was even considering Innsbruck in Austria - its only 1.5 hours away and should still have room.

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Some people also rent rooms in their private apartments for the time of the Oktoberfest, probably not as expensive as a hotel and more comfortable than camping :)

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If you like endless steins of lager - and more lager, all sat round a table, then it's for you.
Personally, I hated it.
I now do the winter BeerFest in Antwerpen (Belgium). There are bars that have over 1,000 different types of beer from all over the world. The food is miles better too.
But, as I said, if you like the same beers all day long with very little variety, then the Oktoberfest might be for you.