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hi! i am thinking about going to Italy. the only way i could have a chance to go is joining the military. i have never been there and i think it's a pretty place. i don't know which part of Italy to go but i would like to be near the water. i love to surf and swim. Italy seems very interesting to me and i think Italian men are BEAUTIFUL! i will be happy if someone can tell me anything about Italy or the Italian culture. thanks.

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There is a lot to tell about Italy... I hope you like pasta and pizza?
:) the northern part of Italy is economically strongest and the centre of this is Milan. The south is more poor, beneath Rome. Rome itself is a beautiful city with the Vatican, Colloseum and many other historical buildings. Other cities worth visiting are Venice(the canal city) and Firenze(Florence).

As most of Italy is bordering to the sea, there are many beaches.
In the south I found a more relaxed way of living than in for instance Milan. so if you wanna be in a modern city, go to Milan, if you wanna be in a historical city I would stay in Rome.

The climate is warm in summer unto very hot in south italy. in winter it's best to stay in the south of italy.

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Hmm..well I thought the same thing before my first trip to Italy about the men.. but they're acutally MUCH different than the Italians in America. But maybe you'll think they're cute in Italy if you like shorter guys that wear tight pants. ;-) The Italians are quite charming despite coming in such small packages. Men and women are very friendly..where at least where I've been.

If you like SUN and need to go to Sardegna, Italy ..its absolutely BEAUTIFUL....turquoise blue waters.

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Cinque Terre is a beautiful five-village area in the North-East of Italy. Each village/town is so small and charming, and the water is beautiful. The five towns are famous for their nature takes 6-7 hours to walk from the first town to the last. Even if you aren't into that, it's such a nuce and beautiful beach area, and the bars are always busy with locals and tourists.

Katie ;)

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Oops! It's in the North-West.....should have paid more attention to the direction lecture in grade one....

K ;)

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You'd probably change ur opinion on italian men once u got over there

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I don't have much info on Italian men, but I can tell you my favourte place in Italy. It is a place called "Cinque Terre" it means 5 towns. It is the most beautiful place I went in Italy and it will not dissapoint you. It is an area with 5 small towns along the cliffs of the west coast. It is located near Genova if you can't find it on the map, because you probably wont be able too. It has been a hidden backpackers destination for a long time, but it is starting to gain in popularity.

I suggest looking it up on the net, it will be well worth your time


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If you have to join the military,there is an american army base in Vicenza,I live 20 km northern than that.The city is in the north-east of Italy,it's almost at the half way between Milan and Venice.If you wanna go surfing,the sea is not far-just 100 km-even though there are no great waves;for windsurfing,instead you've got the garda lake which is just 1 hour away:it's an amazing place,especially in the top of it(in the city of Riva del Garda);the spot is beautiful,it's one of my favourite in Italy(also for mountain-biking-don't know if you're interested in it)and there are always a lot of young people.

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Italy is lovely... but joining the American military to get there?? That's a completely different story than going on holiday I should think

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There is also a miliatary base in / near Napoli, (I can't remember if it was in Napoli itself, I was staying with friends in Caserta).
it has been a while since I was there but I found the south of Italy to have a more relaxed atmosphere and attitude to life then the North. I also think that for landscapes it is very scenic..... it also seemed to be a lot cheaper, from here you could also visit Sicily, Capri, or head back up North, just to name a few......... as for the men, well its simple, there are good and bad in every culture, it just depends what you're looking for.,..