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Midtown Hostel Prague in Prague --So Bad experience!!!

Travel Forums Europe Midtown Hostel Prague in Prague --So Bad experience!!!

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1. Posted by bigfeng (Budding Member 4 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

So Bad experience in Midtown Hostel Prague in Prague, Czech Republic

It was really really bad experience in Midtown Hostel Prague in Prague, Czech Republic. I have already written a letter to Czech Tourism. I hope that they could give me a satisfying reply.

Prague is a very beautiful city. If there were not such experience, the trip in Prague would be wonderful.

It was really a bad experience about the hostel Midtown. I do not know where and how I can express this problem. My friend and I were really hurt by the lady who works for the hostel.

I come from China, and I am studying economics and management in Germany. After all of the examinations in this semester, I planed to go to Prague for a relaxing trip with my friends.

I have booked the hostel in for 2 nights, and paid 10% for the room. I have written online that we would be there at about 21.00 on July 11th.

My friend and I arrived in the hostel at 20.30, but nobody at the reception. there were 2 other spanish girls, who were also waiting there to get their passports since 20.00. Nobody appeared that night. We did not dare to go, because we were afraid that the workers would come back, but nobody appeared. I called the emergency call, and sent the sms. But nobody answered. The cellphone was sometimes busy, so it showed that the owner of the cellphone was using the cellphone. But I do not know why we could not get any reply.

We did not have any place to stay at that night. We were new here, and so late that night, we could not find other place to live. We did not sleep that night at all, but only waited beside the reception desk.

We went out at 8.00 the next morning, because we could not always wait here. We could only stay in Prague for the weekend, we still would like to see the beautiful city.

At noon, we went back with all of our bags. It was really heavy, but we had to carry them. There we met a lady, and she explained that she was sorry. And I said that I would like to meet the boss, the she told me that the boss can not speak English at first, then she said that the lady, who was responsible for last night, was the boss. She called the lady, but still the phone was busy, and nobody answered the phone. I wanted that she gave us a solution.

Then another older woman came, and spoke with the younger lady in Czech, which I could not understand. Then she came to us, and said very rudely that the lady, who should be here last night, waited until 21.00, and it was our fault.

I really could not accept that. The 2 girls who come from spanish, have been waiting for the reception until 20.00 last night for the passports, and finally they had to give up their passports, because they had to take the plane back to their country on the early morning, and wrote their addresses down, and hoped that they could send the passports to them by post. And we arrived in the hostel at 20.30. How could the old woman say that? She was not here last night, and the other roommates who lived here last night, can prove that we were here since 20.30.

What is worse. The old lady spoke bad words in her own language, and made me mad. I did not know what to do. I said that I wanted to call the police. She said quietly, that the policemen could not understand English, and the policemen would protect them not me. It would bring more trouble when I called the police. I know that I was a foreigner here. I really could not accept that. Why should that happen? I did not have any place to live last night as a foreigner, and the hostel gave me no appologize, but bad words. She said that I am Chinese, and the Chinese people are problem People. She desecrated my country and the people from my country. I was really hurt. I did not know what to do, but left with tears.

What can I do? I have travelled in a lot of cities in Europa. But this trip was really so bad. I can not forget it any more. Especially the lady who were so rude and shouted to me. I doubted that she was suitable for the job, and she has no right to desecrate my country and my people!

We left the hostel with tears, and will never come back again!

Would you please tell me what we can express our complains? We did not have any place to live, and we had to be called problem people. What is the matter with this Czechic waitress? She has no right to treat a foreigner!

Thanks very much, and looking forward to your reply.

It is the information about the hostel:

Midtown Hostel Prague
Jugoslavska 12,
Czech Republic.
P. 00420777230492

Best wishes.

2. Posted by mikeyBoab (Travel Guru 5077 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hi Feng.

Sorry to hear about the bad experience you had. I know you've already written to Czech Tourism, you can email a message to them through this site. Having said that, I'm not sure that it will change much! I think sometimes bad experiences are part of the overall journey . . . don't be too upset by it.

Personally I would have gone into the lobby bathroom and taken all the toilet paper and left the taps running. Maybe left a little surprise in the corner of one of the stalls.

3. Posted by bigfeng (Budding Member 4 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Thanks, I will try to forget that.

The other hostel, in which I stayed on Saturday night, was really very good. It is in the center of Prague, 3 minutes to the Charles Bridge. The lady there was so nice that I felt very at home when I was treated by the Midtown Hostel. The lady the RITCHIE'S Hostel & HOTEL was really kind to us, and said:" Come to us, and let's take care of you, you poor." Before I left Prague, I took a picture with the nice lady.

I just hope that other friends who will come to Prague choose the right place to live. The nice persons are sometimes more important. 24 hours reception is much better.

4. Posted by bigfeng (Budding Member 4 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

My god, that is their reply. As the same at that day, they just did not accept that is their fault!

Here is our reply to that matter:
All the guests that day arrived with no problem and as you can see online we had plenty of reservations that day since it was Friday. Nobody from yours as well as from our guests didnot have any trouble with the arrival except of Peng Gao which is really strange. If there wouldnot be anybody at the reception how the others were able to check-in??? By the way, you can check it with the client David Hogg who arrive on Friday slightly before 9 PM.
Also, no text message arrived and some missed phone calls really appeared on the phone display but that was already after our opening hours, at 10 PM.

The only true fact on this story is that Peng Gao came the next day at around 10:30 AM and desribed that he didnot ring the reception bell by the entrance and just went with some other guests straight inside allegedly without finding anybody.
We are enclosing the sign of the main entrance where is simply written where to ring the reception!

If Peng Gao would really arrive on time and rang the reception bell as others did he would surely get his room as all the other satisfied guests. Feel free to test it anytime you want!

Best regards,
Midtown - Jana

And that is my reply.

I do not want to waste time to argue with such a liar. We called the emergency call at 10.00, that may be correct. Because we did hope that somebody would come. And that is also why we did not dare go out side to even buy something to eat. And what is more, there is no light beside the reception, so we noticed the call on the notice also relatively late.

And I should ask you, why did you not answer the call, if that is the emergency call? We called many times, and also the Spanish girls. And the call was free or busy. That showed that you have seen the call. But you did not answer them. So why? If that is emergency call, what is the function of it? And if nobody answers the phone, you just should give the phone call, because it is useless, and nobody is responsible for the call.

You said you were there, who could prove that?

All of the guests who lived in the hostel that night, can prove that you were not there. I have talked with a boy who comes from Malaysia, and a boy who comes from the states. The girls who opened the door for us can also prove that. They told us that nobody was at the reception, and suggested that we should only try.

And what's more important, the Spanish girls, who gave up their passports, waited there since 20.00 that night. They were waiting with us together still very late that night! And we did send a sms to explain.

Just let me write a review about the hostel, and I hope other guests who also stayed in the hostel that night, can prove that.

You were absent. That is obvious. I do not need much to say, and I will say nothing any more. The lady just should ask herself, why she did the wrong thing, and did not accept that, and wanted to hurt others. Especially, I wanted to say, the lady who treated to me rudely, and said:" you are Chinese. And the Chinese people are problem people." You have no right to do that and to say that. You just hurt the feeling of the whole nation and the whole country. As a waitress, you should know the respect is basic thing.

Another thing, my name is Feng Gao, not Peng Gao. Respect is always the basic thing.

Finally, I just want to say, you will lose everything if you treat your guests always in this way. Nobody will stay in your hostel any more. Just ask yourself in your heart, why you do not accept that, but you were really absent last night. As a human being, people will forgive the people who have made mistakes but accepted that. But the liars, should be punished. The fact and conscience will prove everything.

Thanks, and good bye for ever. Just let others know, that how bad the hostel is. Choose the good hostel, and make your trip comfortable. I was unlucky. Because of such bad service, my whole trip was ruined, and I could not get an appologize.

Good bye, and thanks very much for the customer service by Hostelscom. I just hope that I can have the opportunity to write my review.

Best wishes.

Feng Gao from Germany

5. Posted by zaksame (Respected Member 571 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Dear Feng Gao,
I'm really sorry to hear of the horrible experience you had in that one hostel in Prague. You may argue with these people forever and I think it will do no good...
But, what you have done is warned other people and I think that will be enough to teach these ignorant and inconsiderate people a lesson they might remember.

I wish you happy travelling in the future and don't let this one experience spoil the delights and the nice people which one usually meets.

Congratulations to the lady in the other hostel for looking after you so well.

Safe journeys


6. Posted by bigfeng (Budding Member 4 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Thanks very much, I will do that:) I will forget, and plan to do a new journey, and make new friends during the trip:)

Wishes to all from Germany.

Feng Gao