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I am looking a bit to travel to some Caribbean Islands in November. I know hurrican season officially ends the 30th of November and most islands still have a significant amount of days with some rain in November.
Anybody has any experience or advice regarding the weather and what islands might be better or worse during that period?
O, I am looking in the region between Saint Martin and all the way down to Grenada. Not the ABC islands probably and not Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. Dominica and Montserrat are high on my list, as are Saba and Sint Eustatius.

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Hi Michael,
yes hurrikan saison should be over,but there are still wind reversals and rain possible,sometimes only for a short time,seldom for a whole day.

Cruise ship saison starts!!
some of the Islands like Aruba,St.Maarten,Grenada are overcrouded almost every day with thousends of tourists and prices go up as long the are in port.

Saba and Eustatius are very small Islands,have been to Saba,went by boat from St.Maarten for one day and it was enough for me would spend there max 3 days.
In St.Maarten i liked only the french part.Ok I was there 10 years ago after St.Maarten was hit 2 x in a row by a hurrikan and a lot of yachts sunk in the bay.

Why you dont come and visit Bonaire,best diving,snorkling,hiking what ever....
not every day cruise ships in town......I will buy you some beers..

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Weather during this period is really hit or miss. Lots of Canadians go down to the Caribbean, and so I have tons of anecdotal evidence to draw upon. :)

Despite you already nixing the islands, I will say that the further south you go during this time, the less likely to get rain, thus places like Trinidad and Tobago are your best bet to avoid rain.

Further north and out into the Caribbean sea, it's really a crap shoot as to the weather. I know a few people that have gotten caught in hurricanes, and others who spent 7 sunny days lying on a beach during the middle of hurricane season without a drop of rain. No way really to predict it.

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Gotta luv Grenada. It's def a great place to go that is still somewhat off the beaten track. We've been there several times and just got back from vacationing there a few weeks ago. The people are so friendly and there's a TON to do (beaching, diving, snorkeling, Carib stones, jungle tours, river tubing, etc.)

Grenada is the most popular island of the three and you can either live it up and spend a little more at some of the nicer resorts or stay at local inns on the island for much cheaper. I def recommend staying near Grand Anse if you like to hit up more of the bars, etc. at night.


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Hello - the rainy season starts in June and runs until the end of December but it doesn't necessarily mean it will rain continually, just that there will be more rain. My wife and I have just returned from 11 nights out there and only had 1 day of full cloud/rain, with the rest of the rain falling at night/early morning That said, the beginning of December was reportedly very wet for days at a time Rain rarely affects the temperature, which is constant around 29c/85f in the day. Average temperatures and rainfall can be found on sites such as Note, in the middle of the rainy season you are more likely to experience high winds.
Most hotels in Grenada are on the carribbean side (as opposed to Atlantic side) and therefore, the waters are relatively calm but again this is weather dependant.
We took a sail on a very posh catamaran, “ShadowFax”, they took us around the island and stopped off at this deserted island, called “Sandy Island”. We had fun on all our other Jungle excursions, etc, but the sailing was the most memorable.
We stayed at the Coyaba Beach resort (I will be posting a review soon) which is situated on the middle of Grand Anse Beach. We found it through Grenada Info And Activities
I hope this helps.

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Yeah we also booked with those guys at Grenada Info and Activities. In the beginning they did not really offer the greatest price on their site, but when we called , they had some really great specials, that included complimentary activities. Like we just completed a 2 week stay at Flamboyant and they gave us complimentary trips on ShadowFax. Our first time sailing, very cool. But next year we have our eyes set on Staying in a cottage at La luna, so excited,
good luck, you'll love it

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I can only speak for Jamaica, as I live there. You should be quite alright traveling mid November, I cannot recall any big weather during that time ! Have fun and One Love, Karin