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I will be traveling to New Zealand at the end of July and stay for three months, then onto Australia for three months. As I can’t afford to stay in a hotel for three months and I don’t care for a hostel or backpacker scene, my plans are to find lodgings somewhere centrally located, perhaps Wellington, while in NZ and make short trips for sightseeing and tourist things. I would like to buy a second hand bicycle for local travel and rent a vehicle for the excursions. Or,(Question 1)would a second hand car be a reasonable investment while there and hope to sell it when I leave? Ten to twenty miles a day on a bike is very do-able for me. As far as my permanent living place, I would prefer to stay away from the tourist areas. I lived in England for six months in ‘96 and ‘97 and while there I rented a private room from an individual. (2) Are there “rooms to let” in New Zealand as well? I’ve check out several real-estate websites and have found one bedrooms renting for approximately $175.00--$250.00 per week. These of course are unfurnished and I would need at least a meager amount of furniture. In the states there are still a few hotels who will rent by the week-I mean for a modest price- around $200.00 a week maybe a little more. These are usually a little on the “seedy side”. (3)Anything like this in NZ or OZ?
I know everything is not advertised on the internet, (4)what are some good local publications I should look for when I arrive in the two countries to find lodgings of the type I seek? And (5)what day of the week is the big day for advertisements in the newspapers? Here in the states it is Sunday.
(6)Any suggestions on a good central location in NZ? It doesn’t necessarily have to be Wellington or even a large city, I would prefer at least a medium sized town for conveniences.
OZ will of course be a bigger challenge to find a centrally located town and take my day trips, or what may turn out to be week trips. It’s such a much bigger place. I would like to visit Adelaide at some point and I would like to be in Melbourne in January when the Australian Open begins.
Banking--- According to the websites you need at least a thousand dollars for every month you plan on staying in NZ, I’m not sure about OZ. As my bank and credit card companies attach a 3% “foreign transaction fee” for every purchase I make, I will be bringing the first three thousand with me in travelers checks. My (7)question is, can I open a checking account while in NZ if I have a permanent address, or what are the requirements for opening a bank account in NZ and OZ? I opened a Barclays account while in Britain. Is there a bank that covers both countries? I would assume so.
Computers---I will not have my computer while on holiday but have enrolled to receive my bills electronically. I will need access to a computer. (8)How accessible are public computers? Here in the states I just go to the library and use one if I’m having trouble on my home computer. I noticed while shipping something at the local UPS store, they offered use of a public computer for $3 for 15 min. (9)Any businesses set up like this in NZ and OZ? I used to hear of “Internet Café’s” overseas but don’t know if they still exist, it seems as if everyone has there own computer now. I don’t know much about the security of using public computers for things like banking. (10)Any advice out there on the best way to keep your information from getting into the wrong hands on a public computer? The only thing I’ve heard is to clear the history and cookies after every use. I know it’s a lot of questions so thanks to anyone who can help out.

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I'll have a go at answering some of your questions (relating to NZ anyway) .....
1) you can pick up second hand cars pretty cheap (under $1000nzd) - check out www.trademe.co.nz and also noticeboards at backpackers. It just depends on how far away you'll be wanting to do trips to as to whether or not its worth buying a car.

2) yes there are rooms to let, but usually in a flat with other people and it would be hard to find a place that wants someone for just afew months. Yes NZ has motels which i think you can get for around $300nz a week, but staying right in the city will be more expensive. You could always try at campgrounds, which rent out rooms or lodges and are more of a family atmosphere than backpacker scene.

4) when you arrive in NZ go to any tourist info centre and pick up a free jasons guide which has motels,campgrounds etc in it.

6) wellington is a good central location, it just depends what you want to do in NZ .... the south island is really beautiful in winter and id say wanaka or queenstown are good spots to base yourself.

8) there's internet cafes everywhere, even in small towns.

10) if you use a mozilla firefox browser on public computers and then clear your private data at the end, i think they're pretty secure for using for banking etc.

hope that helps :)