Pete, how do i shrink my fotos to put on this site?????????

Travel Forums System Talk Pete, how do i shrink my fotos to put on this site?????????

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tried to put sum pics on this site thru the photo gallery thing u have installed. error tho - my pics seem huge, like fe hundred mb or wotever the space thing is.

my pics come from the "my pictures folder" on my pc, but when i want to upload them onto this site when i go into "brouse" how can i make the pitcure smaller so i can upload it??

am confused, please help.


2. Posted by fimbria25 (Full Member 120 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

what image/photo software have you got install on your computer? e.g. Photoshop etc...

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Hi Jem,

Ideally, you would have a program like Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Fireworks. There are many more as well and all of them offer image resizing as a basic function. If you don't have such a program, there is still a way though.

The only thing that is provided with a default installation of Windows is Paint, not a great program, but if nothing else is available it will do the trick! You can do a simple resizing by opening your photo in there and using the 'stretch/skew' command under the image menu. If your picture is about twice the filesize it needs to be, you will need to do a 50% stretch horizontally and vertically. There is also a maximum width/height of 500 pixels; you can check the filesize by clicking on Attributes under the file menu to check that.

With better software (and it's not hard to be better than Paint!!), you can also choose the level of compression when you save the picture - this would be ideal, because it helps you keep filesizes down to an absolute minimum; meaning you can get more photos uploaded with your 500KB limit. If you have a digital camera or scanner, you may very well have received some basic program that will do this for you.

Resizing your photos won't only help you upload your pictures to Travellerspoint. It is a good idea to always resize your pictures to as small a size as possible whenever you email them to family or friends. Large pictures can take a loooong time to download and you might annoy some people by leaving them large. Keep a large copy of your pictures though, as you'll want to have that around when you want to print the photo.

Hope that helps :)

Cheers, Peter