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1. Posted by Bokkie20 (Budding Member 22 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

It started I guess, when I was about 15- I always wanted to travel and see everything.

Of course I had no idea, what the 'real world' is like and thought, that everybody can get on a plane or hop on a bus and go wherever they want. Specially because of the EU I didnt think of visas and stuff like that at all.

Now after all I've been through, I still think that sometimes things could be much easier...

Just one example:
if I wanna go and teach in NZ I have to do the following:

1.)get my german documents/diplomas/references etc. translated and certiefied by a legalized person (and that costs heaps between 400-800 Euros)

2.) fill out hundreds of forms and send it to the Authority (+ 225 Euros, so that some person looks my papers through and tells me, yes/no, you can/cant teach in NZ)

3.) then I can start looking for a job there, but still dont have a working visa... and the paperwork starts again...

OK, I understand that they have to be strict and dont wanna let anybody into the country ... but sometimes I just get the feeling that they could do things much less complicated...(I'm talking in general, not only about NZ)
If u just look at a medical, people have to do to get visas, its just crazy what tests they have to take!!!(and how much it costs!)

Also when I tried to find out, what my boyfriend will have to do, to come and visit me, I couldnt believe it!

Sometimes I'm wondering what it was like 50-100 years ago and specially who had this great idea of all these 'rules, papers, tests' etc.

I dont wanna complain at all, but when u go through this, u just think:
how many more papers to fill in, how much more tests to do and how much more to pay.

maybe some people have some nice and exciting stories to tell!

(A very positive experience: the people working at the embassy in berlin/Consulate vienna and working for NZIS were always very friendly and nice to me! Honestly I was impressed!)

If anybody wants to tell me his/her experience, I'm very looking forward to that!

So is it a complicated world sometimes, or not?


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Your experience was represented in the French movie "L'auberge Espagnole", where a French citizen wanted to go study a year in Barcelona, and they sent him from building to building, asking him for so many documents, etc, before he actually got to leave. Unfortunately, I think that sometimes emigrating to another country (whether it's for a few months or a few years) tends to be a complicated process. I'm looking into the same thing for working abroad, and I find that sometimes it's easier to go through an agency that takes care of this type of thing specifically, but sometimes (like in the movie, the study abroad agency was called Erasmus) they make it as hard for you as possible. Hang in there and good luck!


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Yes, having worked/lived in several countries, I cannot agree with you more Kathryn!! In fact, I went through all the paperwork to teach in New Zealand when i was living in Malaysia and wow what an ordeal. But because i started the process early I was in no rush. In the end, it all worked out. Once I was registered with the Education Ministry I could apply to any public/private school in New Zealand. They have a wonderful Education Gazette publication where every 2 weeks schools advertise their vacancies. Being that most Kiwi teachers want to work in the major centres (ie. Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch) there are more vacancies in the outlieing areas, which was totally cool with me!!!
I did go and teach in 2 different schools in the South Island but it was a real hassle to extend travel visa!! I was there for 10 months but needed to return to canada to take care of some business. However, i am presently looking to return there at some point. I think my registration with the ministry may have expired and am not looking forward to going through all of this again...
The bottom line is, if you have the time and some money go for it. Once you are there it is a once in a lifetime experience!! I see that you enjoy outdoor pursuits as well and so it is the perfect setting!!!
What do you teach by the way?? I am presently working in an international school in Sri Lanka. It is a great profession if you love to travel!!
Good luck!

4. Posted by Bokkie20 (Budding Member 22 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I'm a Kindergarten teacher, but I'm also qualfied to work in After School care Institutions with teenagers.

So registering will be a bit different for me.

Sounds exciting what u've done so far!

Would be nice to hear some details, about ur experiences!

have to go to work
talk to u soon